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New River Campground
June 7, 2021
These comments are just the experience of the two RV Gypsies and do not make the campground good or bad in general.

USA map showing location of WV

New River Campground address and phone number

At first, the two RV Gypsies drove past the entrance to New River Campground because the entry is very narrow. But they quickly realized it, and managed to turn around in the large parking lot next door. There were only a couple of cars in the parking lot because everything except a dollar store and one other store was closed. The road leading here was only one lane in each direction, so it was difficult getting into the campground driveway.

New River Campground  office and store New River Campground entry sign

The campground did not have a lot of RVs on this date. It had one narrow, gravel road going straight through the campground. The entrance on the far side of the road was gated off because there was a public boat ramp there. But the campground had its own boat ramp.

New River Campground gravel road

Below: The site the two RV Gypsies got was on the mountain cliff side, not the river side which cost more per night. The neighbor's sewer was right under the two RV Gypsies' picnic table, and there was no room to move it. But since the two RV Gypsies seldom use their picnic table, it did not bother them. Plus they did not have a neighbor on either side of them, so this was not a problem for them. However, a sewer should never be under a picnic table.

AWO and MOB - RV and toad of the two RV Gypsies neighbor's sewer by our picnic table

Below: The main road was behind the RV, under the cliff. This picture was taken from the river side.

Lee Duquette, AWO and MOB

Below: The two RV Gypsies decided to put their lawn chairs by the river for awhile, while Karen Duquette enjoyed a glass of wine and enjoyed watching the boats go by plus the ducks and birds.

The view from the river side sites
Karen Duquette enjoying a glass of wine Karen Duquette enjoying a glass of win

Below: The view looking across the river - another cliff, this time with a railroad track behind the cabins on stilts. Cabins could only be reached by boat.

The view looking across the river a blue cabin across the river
a boy on a swing by the cabins across the river

The Birds

birds flying by Karen Duquette low flying birds
high flying birds bird flying
a line of birds flying by a line of birds flying by
a line of birds flying by
two low flying birds over the river two low flying birds over the river
two low flying birds over the river

The Ducks

a wildlife line-up
two ducks a duck stared at Karen Duquette

At one point, Karen Duquette saw a young boy grab one of these ducks and take it into his RV. The other duck just stood still and waited. Karen was just getting ready to go knock on the door of the RV to get the duck back, when the boy came outside and let the duck go. Parents- why aren't you outside watching your child?????

two ducks swimming two ducks swimming

Time to Settle down for a rest

a duck resting in the mud Time to Settle down for the night

Then the two RV Gypsies put their lawn chairs back on their own site and went off to see the sites in Gauley Bridge and some waterfalls. When they returned, they found that the campground had been in a area that got a rare, flash flood and they could not get to their RV site. But the owner opened up the gate on the back side and let them in.

a flash flood in the campground a flash flood in the campground
a flash flood in the campground a flash flood in the campground
look below

This is not a linear site, so there are always choices of where to go next: Below are three choices.

please continue on to the next adventure of the two RV Gypsies Seeing this, the two RV Gypsies returned to the nearby Cathedral Falls to see how the flash flood affected the waterfall.

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