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The two RV Gypsies
drove their RV from Indiana to Ohio
and parked at Wolfie's Campground
in Zanesville, Ohio
July 11 - 18, 2020

USA state showing location of  Ohio

Traveling from Indiana to Ohio in their RV, the two RV Gypsies noticed several interesting items that Karen quickly photographed.

large pumpkin on a pick-up truck Richmond Water Tower
Bridge and Ohio state sign Ohio sign
North Route 666 sign

Below: While driving their RV, the two RV Gypsies noticed an amazing semi passing them. Karen Duquette quickly snapped a few photos. Then she went on-line to learn more about the organization.

history bookIndependence Fund was founded in 2007 and is committed to empowering our nation’s catastrophically wounded, injured, or ill Veterans to overcome physical, mental, and emotional wounds incurred in the line of duty. Independence Fund is dedicated to improving the lives of Veterans and their families. Through their Mobility, Caregiver, Adaptive Sports, Advocacy, and Family programs, The Independence Fund strives to bridge the gap of un-met needs for Veterans and their caregivers. Note: The two RV Gypsies are not connected to the Independence Fund in any manner. They just admired the truck and the cause.

Anyone may go on-line and donate to this worthy cause at

Independence Fund  semi Independence Fund  semi
Independence Fund  semi Independence Fund  semi

Wolfie's Campground
101 Buckeye Drive
Zanesville, Ohio 43701
registration phone '740.454.0925
July 11-18, 2020

USA map showing location of OhioMap of Ohio showing location of Zanesville

Below: The roads leading into the campground were very narrow. It would not be nice if two RV's were to meet on these roads. However, since the times that RVs come and go are generally different, this should not happen, although it could. (Check-out time is 12 noon. Check-in time is after 1 p.m.) These roads are narrow, curvy, hilly, with no way to pull over. But two cars should not have too much of a problem squeezing by each other.

entrance to Wolfies Campground entrance to Wolfies Campground
entrance to Wolfies Campground where to stop and register

Below: One of the most attractive campground signs the Two RV Gypsies have ever seen. This is a Good Sam Park.

Wolfies Campground sign

Where the two RV Gypsies had to stop to register, cars could not pass to enter or leave the campground. As Lee Duquette went into the campground office, Karen Duquette took a few photos of the office and the playground. This campground is open all year. The pool was very small. For now, they close and clean the pool every 2 hours because of the Coronavirus. The two RV Gypsies seldom use campground pools because they are too busy exploring the area. Most standard campground rules apply. However, vehicle washing is prohibited and a $40 fine would be imposed. This is a family operated campground. Only a few TV stations came in, and not that well.

Wolfie's campground office Wolfie's campground playground

Below: The nice long gravel site of the the two RV Gypsies and the view from their front window.

the RV of The Two RV Gypsies at Wolfies's view from the RV

look below

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