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Roughrider Campground
(a Good Sam Park)
500 54th Street NW
Minot, North Dakota
August 21-22, 2015

These comments are just the experience of the two RV Gypsies and do not make the campground good or bad in general.

unhappy faceThe two RV Gypsies were very pleased to get a 50 amp site with full hook-ups. But trains came by often, day and late night, blowing their loud horn, and that is why there is a sad face icon above. Trains made it hard for the two RV Gypsies to fall asleep and stay asleep.

The road and site was dirt. The campground did have Wi-Fi, but it was not secured, and the two RV Gypsies did not use it. TV had a few stations, including ABC, NBC, and FOX and the stations came in OK. As usual, the two RV Gypsies did not walk around the campground, nor use any facilities other than their own parking spot. Check-out time was NOON.

Standard campground rules applied. The only thing the two RV Gypsies saw different in the information flyer was a warning about weather - "Usually you will hear the Minot siren and see warnings on the local TV stations. At that time, you should go to the front of the office building where the door will be unlocked for you, and go to the basement and proceed downstairs for protection. Remain there until advised by the owners that it is safe to return to your RV."

Luckily no sirens went off while the two RV Gypsies were here, but on the second day that the two RV Gypsies were here, it poured very hard rain all day and night and the wind was blowing quite fiercely. It was not a day to go outside at all.

Welcome to North Dakota sign

Below: Two signs at the entrance to Roughrider Campground.

sign: Welcome to Roughrider Campground

laughing clipart dudesign about squirrels and nuts

Lee entering the campground office.

Lee entering the campground office

Below: Crossing the narrow dirt campground road behind her RV, Karen took two pictures of the lake. Eventually other RVs were put in the spots in front of the lake. Those spots are for smaller RVs.

the lake

the lake

Below: The RV of the two RV Gypsies at Roughrider Campground, and the view from the front of the two RV Gypsies site: The playground. Oh Joy! The RV on one side was real close (as seen in the photo below), but there was a bit of space on the entry side of the RV at least. Overall, most spots appeared to be very close together.

the RV and only home of the two RV Gypsies

The Playground

look below

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