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Kampers Lodge Campground
3465 Highway 301 N.
Wilson, North Carolina
phone: -'252.237.0905

Karen Duquette hates it when businesses try to be different or cute by spelling a word wrong, as shown above with the word Kampers. Children seem to have a hard enough time reading and spelling without this ridiculous habit. Some slang words also bother her. She wonders if other countries do the same thing - doubtful!

October 13 - 14, 2014: Kampers Lodge was a nice campground, and reasonably priced. Although roads beyond the office were dirt roads. The two RV Gypsies had a nice site with full hook-ups. The sites were nicely slanted and plenty wide. The campground had secured Wi-Fi that was OK, but sometimes a bit slow. The cable TV was excellent with a lot of channels, including ABC. The pool still had water in it even though it was after Labor Day. The pool was open to the public until 5 p.m., and open for campers until dark. The office had nice Halloween decorations inside and outside. The office had a bait and tackle shop inside with lots of fishing stuff for sale. Check-out time was NOON.

Kampers Lode sign
Kampers Lodge sign

"WE MADE IT" said Lee Duquette

Lee Duquette acting tired

a happy Lee Duquette

Do not feed the animals with management permission. But feel free to pet them. So Lee Duquette did just that.

Lee petting a donkey
Lee petting a donkey
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