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The staterooms and towel animals
on The Norwegian Pearl
October 17, 2010

crying clipartKaren Duquette was not sure she would be back from her RV travels in time for this cruise, but did manage a last minute booking. So she was given a room-mate that she had never met because she was not a line dancer, but was a co-worker with one of the other line dancers. Her name was Betty and she was the worst room-mate in the world.  Karen let Betty pick her bed first and set up her side of the closet. Then when Karen went to set up, Betty had taken over the entire one-and-only vanity in the room. But that was not the biggest problem.

Once Betty took Karen's room key. When Karen asked Betty to help her find it, she said, "No, I have to go out and smoke" and she left. So once Karen left the room, she could not get back in. Karen went to the front desk and they gave her a temporary key that would open her room, but would not allow her to purchase drinks or anything. So Karen went searching for Betty and when she found her, she literally pulled Betty to the front desk, even though Betty resisted. The person at the front desk asked for her key, and Betty actually pulled two room keys out of her pocket. 

Later, back in the room. Karen went to enter the room, her empty suitcase was blocking the door. Entering the bathroom, Karen tripped over Betty's shoes, that were purposely placed right in the doorway. Betty also threw some of Karen's clothes under her bed. As it turned out, Betty was not a favorite person of anybody on the ship. Many people had complaints about her. The list goes on and on...........................

Below: A hallway leading to the staterooms

stateroom hallway

Photos taken in various rooms.




doorway to hallway



Below: The towel animals

towel snail

towel snail

towel elephant

towel dog with sunglasses

towel animal

towel critter

towel rabbit

towel rabbit

towel monkey

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