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The Carnival Valor cruise ship - THE PORTS - 2006
Ziplining, Belize, Cave Tubing, Costa Maya

Note: Most "Flashbacks" sites were added to this website many years after they actually occurred. Since this is a "Flashback" site - meaning before Karen and Lee Duquette became the Two RV Gypsies, many of the photos have been lost over the years. In this case, most of the photos from the ports were lost.

Karen Duquette went ziplining in Raton. None of the other line dancers went ziplining, so Karen bought the one photo professionally taken. This was Karen's first zipline, but not the last, and not the most exciting either. Others can be found by using the TOC button at the top of any page, then choosing the letter Z and scrolling down.

Karen Duquette on a zip line in Roaton


lost dog in Belize house in Belize
church in Belze church in Belze
Belize Bank

Below: Cave Tubing in Belize

Karen Duquette on the bus Karen Duquette carrying her tube and lifejacket

Below: Karen Duquette, Donna, Doug and Doug's daughter Christine ready for the adventure.

The foursome
Dona, Karen and Lee Duquette Dona, Karen and Lee Duquette
Ready to enter the cave Karen Duquette ready to tube the river

Below: The long line crossing the river and then getting in the extremely cold water.

crossing the river entering the cold water
Karen Duquette in the cold water Karen Duquette in the tube

Below: A brief portion of the tubing was actually in a cave. And yes, it was extremely dark in the cave. The photo below is of the first few tubers exiting the cave.

exiting the cave
Karen Duquette in the tube Karen Duquette in the tube
Karen and Lee Duquette

Costa Maya

Welcome to Costa Maya

Below: Cacheable Mayan Ruins in Costa Maya - Amy Tinoco on the staircase/

Chacchoben Mayan Ruins Chacchoben Mayan Ruins

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