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Karen Duquette took an
ATV ride in Falmouth, Jamaica
November 1, 2011

While wintering in Broward County Florida, Lee Duquette relaxed in their RV while Karen took a cruise with her line dance friends on The Oasis Of The Seas. One of the off-ship tours offered was an ATV tour in Falmouth, Jamaica.

The Oasis Of The Seas cruise ship The Oasis Of The Seas cruise ship
Historic Falmouth Jamaica sign

Below: Karen Duquette and the tour guide waiting for the other riders to arrive.

Karen Duquette waiting for the ATV tour the tour guide

And the tour began...

Karen Duquette on the ATV And the tour began

Karen enjoyed the 7-mile trail though tons of mud puddles as she journeyed into the Jamaican countryside on a powerful ATV. A designated photographer took pictures, which Karen bought at the end of the trip.

Karen Duquette on the ATV Karen Duquette on the ATV

Most of the riders were first time people and tried to go around the mud and water, but of course, not Karen. The guide treated the women like they were babies, and he was really surprised at Karen's ATV driving abilities. This was Karen's 4th time on an ATV, but not her last time. And it sure was nor the most fun ATV ride with the best scenery (ride #3), nor her most dangerous as she would later learn on ride #6.

Karen Duquette in the mud Karen Duquette in the mud
Karen Duquette on the ATV Karen Duquette on the ATV

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