Karen, Lee and Brian Duquette in Paris, France in 1984
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July 21-24, 1984

Lee, Karen and Brian Duquette also went to the Palais Du Louvre and saw the Mona Lisa painting, among other famous pieces of fine art.
sign about the Louvew Palace
Louvre Palace Lee and Brian Duquette in Paris France
Louvre Palace Louvre Palace
Louvre Palace

Below: The Mona Lisa painting is the most famous painting in the Parisian art museum. Many visitors expect it to be a massive painting, but it is a tiny masterpiece. Its dimensions are 30 inches × 21 inches. The painting is behind a thick layer of bulletproof glass, and security measures are in place to ensure its safety. The glass cover has been a safety precaution since the early 1950s when a visitor poured acid on it. Some visitors feel let down when they see Mona Lisa for the first time. But when they enter Room 711 and notice that it is a small painting, kept far away, and because of the security and the crowd, they can not get closer and enjoy the art’s nuances they feel disappointed. However, everyone agrees that Mona Lisa's enigmatic expression is worth seeing in person at least once in their lifetime. Karen, Lee and Brian Duquette were blessed to see the painting in 1984.

The Mona Lisa painting
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Below: Medelaine Church

The Opera House

Medelaine Church The Opera House

Below: The Cociergerie, a medieval royal palace the became a revolutionary court and Marie-Antoinette's prison.

The Cociergerie

Below: The Place of the Concorde is one of the major public squares in Paris, France, and the largest square in the French capital.

The Place of the Concorde The Place of the Concorde

Below: The Moulin Rouge is a cabaret in Paris. It is best known as the birthplace of the modern form of the can-can dance.

Moulin Rouge Stan Lee and Brian with a map
Folies Bergere ticket Folies Bergere postcard

Lee, Karen and Brian Duquette went to a can-can show "Folies Bergere". It was entertaining. They dazzled the audience with lots of glittery costumes. Scenery changes were quick and efficient. However, Karen noticed that they were usually out of step with each other during the group dance routines. The star of the show was a bald woman. There was nothing attractive about her. Naturally there was some nudity in the show, but all was done in good taste/

Folies Bergere building Folies Bergere ticket ad

Karen Duquette likes milk and thought it was good, but she had to remember to order it cold, or it came out warm. It was not homogenized like in America, so it was very creamy. Drinks came without ice, and everyone had to beg for ice all of the time. Continental Breakfasts consisted of fruits, cereal, hard rolls, butter, jam, honey, and orange juice. Occasionally an egg, either soft boiled or hard boiled was served, along with tea, coffee of hot chocolate. Occasionally croissants were also served and they were excellent. Better restaurants brought different silverware after each course instead of putting a bunch of different silverware on the table all at once. This of course was only in the better restaurants where everyone even got napkins.

Karen Duquette at an outdoor restaurant in Paris

Below: The restaurant L'Amanguier.

the gang at The restaurant L'Amanguier the gang at The restaurant L'Amanguie

Below: Lee Duquette made friends with the female servers. This was an excellent restaurant which does not get too many tourists. The waitresses spoke very little English, but were a lot of fun.

a fun server at The restaurant L'Amanguie Lee Duquette made friends with the female servers

Below: Sales and relaxation at the Seine River

Sales and relaxation at the Seine River

Souvenir postcard

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