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August 28, 2009
The two RV Gypsies went to Lake Louise
one of the most famous glacial lakes in the Canadian Rockies
history bookIn 1882, guided by a Stoney Indian, Tom Wilson became the first white man to discover what native Indians called "Lake of Little Fishes". He named his discovery Emerald Lake, but it was later changed by the Geographic Board to Lake Louise in honour of Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, 4th daughter of Queen Victoria. Lake Louise with its blue-green water set against the stark backdrop of Victoria Glacier is possibly the most beloved and most photographed scene in the Canadian Rockies. Lake Louise is 5,680 feet above sea level. Melting glacier silt creates the striking turquoise color of the lake and keeps it at a frigid temperature year-round making swimming impossible.
sign - Lake Louise
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statue at Lake Louise
Lake Louise and Victoria Glacier
Lake Louise
Lake Louise
Internationally renowned for its beauty, lake Louise is also known as the "Hiking Capital of Canada"
Lake Louise
moon at Lake Louise
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