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Chena Hot Springs

This is the second visit to the Ice House for the two RV Gypsies. They returned here to allow their family the chance to enjoy a new but very COLD experience. Be sure you have visited the original photos because more history and more extensive photos and information about the House House are posted there.
Chena Hot Springs Resort is home to the world's largest year-round ice museum in the world, the Aurora Ice Museum! It was completed in January 2005 and stays a cool 20 degrees Fahrenheit inside year round. Keeping the museum icy cold in the heat of summer comes from the patented absorption chiller, the first of its kind in the world used for this purpose!
outside of the Ice hose
outside of the Ice hose
The Aurora Ice Museum gallery features amazing ice sculptures created by 13 time world champion ice carver Steve Brice and with his wife, Heather. They are also 4 time champions as a husband and wife team. Within the museum, they have created a two story observation tower with a circular staircase, but visitors cannot go upstairs.
the family
Kristen is cold
family and the ice bear
family and the ice bear
Kristen kisses the ice bear
Kristen and the ice fireplace
Alex and Kristen and the ice fireplace
Alex and Kristen and the ice fireplace
Lee in the igloo
ice igloo
Kristen and the ice Christmas tree
Ever-changing colored ice crystal chandeliers which mimic the Northern Lights. There were 5 chandeliers each with 70 hand-carved ice crystals that changed colors every 10 seconds. Fiber optic lighting was used to create this feature. All other lighting was LED based which transmits no heat.
This is the largest ice chess set in the world. It has an Alaskan theme with eagles, ravens, bears, totems, foxes and caribou as the chess pieces.
the largest ice chess set in the world
Kristen and the largest ice chess set in the world
Alex at the church ice podium
Alex and an ice fish
Renee - cold & not happy to have her photo taken
3 of the 4 bedrooms - only $600 per night each - NO, the two RV Gypsies and their family did NOT sleep here!
bedroom 1
polar bear bedrrom
another bedroom
Everybody's heard of people being on the "hot seat" but here everyone can be on the "ice seat"
granddaughter of the two RV Gypsies
daughter of the two RV Gypsies
nothing like an ice toilet
ice toilet
ice toilet

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at Chena Hot Springs in Alaska
August 6, 2009
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Chena Hot Springs

horseback riding

The Ice House

dog cart ride

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