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El Dorado Gold Mine - Fox, Alaska

The adventure at El Dorado Gold Mine began with a ride on a replica of the Tanana Valley Railroad near some of the original rail routes. The two RV Gypsies boarded the train and enjoyed a short narrated journey to the mine. The conductor and commentator was Earl Hughes, who provided a lively commentary about mining while passing actual working hands at sites along the way.

The train went through a permafrost tunnel where a miner with a head lamp and pick-axe gave an explanation of underground mining in days gone by. While inside the tunnel, the kinds of mineral and rock formations that tend to produce the most gold were seen.

History book The original Tanana Valley Railroad served over two dozen gold camps scattered throughout Interior Alaska in the early 1900s. Supplies arrived in Alaska on vessels that traveled from Seattle to the mouth of the Yukon River. Freight was then transferred to Sternwheelers, which hauled it up the Yukon and Tanana Rivers to Interior Alaska. From there the Tanana Valley Railroad carried supplies to the gold camps.

The two RV Gypsies did NOT take photos on this tour, but they brought their daughter and 2 grandchildren back here in August - photos are posted of that trip and can be seen here. BUT FIRST, continue down this page to read about the El Dorado Gold Mine here. As you continue on with the Alaska 2009 trip, you will eventually come to the section of the family's visit, which is underlined above. Of course you can always use the TOC button to skip around this website, it does not have to be a linear visit.

After a short course in gold mining, the two RV Gypsies grabbed their own "poke" filled with pay dirt right out of a sluice box and tried panning for gold. Everyone on the tour found gold. It is guaranteed, just NOT how much will be found! After panning for gold, the two RV Gypsies entered the Cook Shack to have their tiny amount of gold weighed to find out the dollar value based on the current market price of gold. Everyone can choose and purchase a 14k gold necklace or earring lockets for their gold if they choose. The two RV Gypsies did not get enough gold to bother.

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in Fairbanks, Alaska
July 9 - 15, 2009

You may visit these five (5) sites in any order you choose.

Fairbanks, Alaska

El Dorado Gold Mine (this site)

Riverboat Discovery Cruise -
Chena Indian Village and an Athabaskan Fish Camp

Pioneer Park; a sternwheeler paddleship & more

World Eskimo-Indian Olympics

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