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Travel from Talkeetna to Denali
and great views of Mt. McKinley - July 2, 2009
Travel photos taken out the window of a moving RV
a creek and a steep gorge
igloo building
Below: The "igloo" building was no longer in use and it is believed that it may have been a hotel at some time.
igloo building
igloo building
a neat car going slow
a neat car
Below: The two RV Gypsies were amazed at how the scenery changed so drastically in a very short period of time.
beautiful mountain
beautiful scenery
Below: Views of the south side of Mt. McKinley (also known as Denali). Natives and tour guides told the two RV Gypsies that only 30% of visitors get to see the mountain because it is usually covered in clouds. Only 15% of visitors see the mountain with clouds covering part or most of it, and very rarely is the mountain seen cloudless. The two RV Gypsies were very lucky people, because they got to see it in each of its three phases.
Mt. McKinley
Mt. McKinley
Mt. McKinley
Mt. McKinley
sign - Denali View South
sign - Denali or McKinley
Mt. McKinley
Mt. McKinley
Below: A sign with the names of the different peaks and their heights almost matched up exactly with the real scenery - pretty neat!
sign and real photo
sign about eagles
sign - the Greatest Gorge
the two RV Gypsies in front of Mt. McKinley
the gorge
the gorge

Menu for the two RV Gypsies Adventures in Denali, Alaska
July 2 - 6, 2009

You may visit these nine (9) sites in any order you choose.

Travel, Mt. McKinley and an igloo (this page)

bullet marker Denali National Park

bullet marker Wildlife in Denali National Park

bullet marker Entering Denali, the campground,
bullet marker Jeff King's Husky Homestead, and more

bullet marker panning for gold at Kantishna

bullet marker sled dogs in training

bullet marker dirty ATV backcountry tour

bullet marker backcountry Jeep Safari

bullet marker horse-drawn covered-wagon ride

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