Lee and Karen Duquette
went to the Chinese Lantern Festival
in Cary, North Carolina
on November 21, 2023
(It was their second year coming here)

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The 2022 photos are very different from these 2023 photos and include the outside entry way, which Karen Duquette did not photograph this year, because it was pouring rain as they entered the festival.

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Below: After a 3-hour car drive in the rain, the two RV Gypsies arrived at the Koka Booth Amphitheatre for their second adventure at the NC Chinese Lantern Festival, in Cary, North Carolina. Only a few people were in line under a canopy waiting for the place to open, probably because it was raining. Plus they went for the special early bird entry (with limited tickets sold) at a cost on this date of $75 for the two of them. Prices mentioned on this website are always subject to change.

Once inside, the two RV Gypsies enjoyed the Chinese lanterns. Last year, they were more colorful with different shapes and bigger, round lights overhead. But this was still amazing this year, because there were so many different designs on the lanterns. It is nice that this year was different from last year.

Lantern Tunnel sign
Chinese lanterns
Chinese lanterns

Below: Another photo of the entry walkway and the over-head Chinese Lanterns.

Chinese lanterns

Below: A sample of a few of the various designs on the lanterns. Lee and Karen Duquette were two of the first dozen people entering (it was raining lightly), and they wanted to see as much as they could before it got crowded. Karen Duquette thought she would take more photos on the way out, but did not because by then it was nighttime.

design on one of the Chinese Lanterns design on one of the Chinese Lanterns
design on one of the Chinese Lanterns design on one of the Chinese Lanterns

Below: The Monkey King

sign about the Monkey King

Below: Lee and Karen Duquette enjoyed watching the Monkey King pop-up out of the cauldron in a mist of smoke.

A beautiful Cauldron The Monkey King popping up in a mist of smoke
Monkey King and a mist of smoke Monkey King and a mist of smoke

Below: And down goes the Monkey King
back into his cauldron.

Below: The Supreme Elderly Lord
in front of trees that kept changing colors.

Monkey King and the Supreme Elderly Lord The Supreme Elderly Lord

Below: Mayor Koka Booth monument

Mayor Koka Booth monument

Below: Daytime view of one of the lantern trees and a nighttime view of a similar lantern tree. They both changed colors, and so did the one shown just above.

colorful tree that changes colors
Sign about the Monkey King stealing Peaches
 Monkey King stealing Peaches
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Below: These photos were taken when Lee and Karen Duquette first arrived, and the wooden deck was still wet from the rain that ended shortly after they entered the display area. Well, a few sprinkles still occurred now and then throughout the evening.

Dragon Head
Karen Duquette at the Dragon Head

The photo below was taken later on in the same day, after dark, as Lee and Karen Duquette were leaving the Chinese Festival. This colorful dragon head opened and closed its mouth and the eyeballs also opened and closed.

Dragon Head at night

Below: Part of the uniquely shaped swings that kept changing colors. This was in a children's play area that had a few other things for the children. Then Karen Duquette zoomed in on the helicopter that was in the far background behind the swings.

colorful swings
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Below: The Phoenix Corridor sign and the phoenix on top of the lighted arch.

Phoenix Corridor sign
The Phoenix - a mythical bird

Below: The lighting on the Phoenix Corridor arch kept changing colors.

lighting on the Phoenix Corridor arch
lighting on the Phoenix Corridor arch

Below: Lee Duquette in the Phoenix Corridor

Below: A night time view of the Phoenix Corridor

Lee Duwuette under the arch
Phoenix and the Corridor Arch

Below: Karen Duquette standing in front of the Phoenix's tail (as shown above)

Karen Duquette

Below: The moon (seen in the background of the above photos) and two rabbits that were in the corner behind the moon.

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Smoke Cannon sign
Karen Duquette at the smoke cannon
smoke cannon

Below: To the left of the above cannon, there was a big and colorful board of beads. It was a fun place where people could draw designs in the board by using their hand to move the beads around.

a colorful board of beads
a colorful board of beads
Lee Duquette and a colorful board of beads
Lee Duquette and a colorful board of beads
Karen Duquette's selfie photo
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Below: The Tree of Life, which kept changing colors.

sign about the Tree of Life
he Tree of Life

Below: Lee Duquette beating on the drum at The Tree of Life as the lights changed colors.

Lee Duquette beating on the drum at the Tree of Life
Lee Duquette beating on the drum at the Tree of Life

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