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The two RV Gypsies and family celebrated Karen Duquette's birthday
at Tony's Cantina Mexican Grill
652 Herrons Ferry Road, Ste 109
Rock Hill, SC
in January 2023
(be sure to see the sign at the bottom of this page)

Lee Duquette always buys Karen a lobster for her birthday. But since their daughter Renee finds that disgusting, family is not included for this event. (no photos were taken of the lobster).

A few days later, Karen Duquette's daughter and son-in-law treated everyone to a birthday dinner for Karen. Her daughter gave her a funky hat with blinking lights on it as her birthday present, so of course, she wore it while in the restaurant. It was her only birthday present this year, which is OK by her, because she can not put much stuff in her RV. She is not used to receiving presents anyway.

Karen Duquette

Karen Duquette and her funky blinking hat
arrow pointing downwardsdrinking signarrow pointing downwards

Below: Karen Duquette posed with two tall ladies standing near their table because they all had interesting hats on.Ha  Ha Ha

Karen Duquette and a fancy lady Karen Duquette and a fancy Mexican lady

Below: Some of Karen Duquette's family members and the interesting lights hanging from the ceiling. Not all family members were photographed by Lee. Nobody else took photos, but John did take a video of the singing, but Karen does not know how to post it here.

family interesting lights hanging from the ceiling

Below: Food

food food

Below: Then some of the workers came by singing and clapping as they put a beautiful Mexican hat on Karen's head. They also gave her a terrible desert for her birthday. It was like eating a cracker.

Karen Duquette in the Mexican Hat Karen Duquette in the Mexican Hat
Happy Birthday sign

Below: The server took back the Mexican hat and put it on another lady's head as they sang Happy Birthday to her. So Karen Duquette put her original blinking hat back on and the two birthday gals posed for a picture together.

the Mexican hat two birthday gals

Everybody was happy with their food on this date. However the two RV Gypsies returned here on another date, and Karen's meal was BURNED. So she sent it back to the kitchen. The server asked if she wanted something else, so of course she ordered something else. When the bill came, both of her meals were on the check, even though she had only taken one bite out of the burned chicken before she realized it was inedible. When the check came, Lee questioned why both meals were on the bill. The server said, "Did you read the posted sign at the front desk and in the back of the room?" Karen walked to the front desk and there was NO sign at the front desk NOR on the entry door. But she did find one on the wall in the very BACK of the restaurant, and it is posted below as a warning to anyone eating at Tony's. Lesson learned!

tacky sign at Tony's Cantina Mexican Restaurant

look below

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