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The two RV Gypsies enjoy
The Terry Fator show for their 5th time
October 2, 2022 in Las Vegas

Terry Fator in New York New York Theater

Karen Duquette is a real big fan of Terry Fator. In case you don't know who Terry Fator is -- he is a singing ventriloquist who won American Idol in 2007. Terry is absolutely amazing. He can throw his singing voice without moving his lips, but even more amazing is the variety of voices he sings in - male and female voices. So people, be sure to see the Terry Fator show when you are in Las Vegas. Karen would go to his show every day if she could. Karen has also seen Terry in Vegas in 2012, in Mitchell South Dakota in 2013, and twice in Florida in 2017 and 2018, and again in Las Vegas now in 2022.

Terry Fator sign the stage waiting for Terry Fator
the seats which will soon be filled Winston the Turtle and Terry Fator

Below: At first the woman shown below was seated in the row behind the two RV Gypsies, but off to the side quite a bit, so Karen was definitely not in her line-of-view. She complained that she could not see around Karen and started yelling at Karen. Then she talked to a man who must have worked there because he moved the woman and her friend to the front row, directly in front of Karen. She had a lot of foul words to say and even continued after being in the front row. Finally Lee told her to be quiet and enjoy her new seat. This was a sold-out-show so it was strange that she got moved. Soon, a friend of Terry Fator came in with two other guests, so they put another chair by where the woman was originally seated in the third row and Terry's friends sat there. Guess Terry's friend did not mind giving up his seats in the front row.

foul-mouthed woman

Then it was time for the show to begin. Karen only took a few pictures, because this was her 5th time seeing Terry Fator and she just wanted to enjoy the show. To her surprise, the show turned out to be slightly R-Rated, which was not the case when the two RV Gypsies saw him the other 4 times. But he was still funny and the two RV Gypsies enjoyed the show, as usual.

Walter and Terry Fator

Walter and Terry Fator

Walter and Terry Fator

Terry Fator and Fernando V. Francisco

erry Fatpr and Fernando V. Francisco
erry Fatpr and Fernando V. Francisco

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