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The two RV Gypsies enjoyed the
Chennault Aviation and Military Museum
at 701 Kansas Lane
Monroe, LA 71203
Phone: '318.362.5540 closes at 4 p.m.
September 10, 2022

clipart history bookThe Chennault Aviation & Military Museum honors veterans and soldiers from WWI through Iraqi Freedom. Through expansive collections of artifacts and compelling stories of the men and women who have served our country, the visitor receives a captivating insight into why we honor our history and our heroes.

The museum is housed in the last remaining classrooms of the Selman Field Navigation School, the largest navigation school in the U.S. during WWII. The Museum honors the story of General Claire Chennault and the Flying Tigers during WWII and how one man helped change the war in China. The bilingual “Way of a Fighter” exhibit is based on General Chennault's book written in 1949. The museum also tells the story of how a small crop-dusting business evolved into the second largest airline in the world, Delta Airlines.

Opening its doors in 2000 with 3000 square feet, its expanded galleries have grown to 10,000 square feet providing over 11,000 artifacts and several veteran outreach programs. Behind the building there is an outdoor pavilion, display and park showcasing seven restored military aircraft.

The museum offers bi-monthly PTSD clinics for combat veterans.

quote from

Chennault Aviation and Military Museum sign

Below: The outside of the building with an amazing mural - too bad the signs are in front of it. Both Karen and Lee Duquette are military veterans, so they really enjoyed this museum. There was parking behind the building.

painted building

Below: Lee Duquette and a painted stork at the entrance to the museum.

Lee Duquette and a painted stork
painted stork painted stork

Below: Honorable statue and flags

Honorable statue and flags

Below:Welcome banners for each branch of the U.S. Military. But Karen Duquette did not photograph all of them. Karen Duquette served in the Navy and Lee Duquette served in the Marines and they met and married at while stationed at Pearl Harbor.

Welcome to our home flag - Navy Welcome to our home flag  Marines
Welcome to our home flag  0=- Cast Guard Welcome to our home flag  - Air Force
Medal of Honor Recipeint banner NASA rock replicaic
monument ornamental honor gown

Below: The two RV Gypsies watched a movie about The Flying Tigers. It serves as the symbol of two great peoples working toward a common goal in war and peace.

The Flying Tigers flag
information about The Flying Tigers
The Flying Tigers photo
Eisenhower Style Jacket sign
Eisenhower Style Jacket and blow-up tiger blow-up tiger with wings
Chinese American Legion hat woman uniform
look below

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