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The two RV Gypsies visited
the Statue of Liberty Replica
and the Distinguished Eagle Scout Memorial
in Birmingham, Alabama
September 8, 2022

history book clipartThe 36-foot tall Statue of Liberty Replica shown below was cast in 1956 in Somerville Haut Marne, France by the Antoine Durenne foundry. It was placed on the National Life Insurance Company Building in 1958. It was moved from downtown Birmingham in 1989 to its current location adjacent to Interstate 459. The bronze statue sits on top of a 60 foot tall granite pedestal. The two RV Gypsies took these photos in September 2022.

Below: Karen Duquette under the Statue of Liberty in Birmingham, Alabama.

Karen Duquette and the Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty Replica
Statue of Liberty Replica Statue of Liberty Replica

NOTE: The two RV Gypsies have also visited the real Statue of Liberty, World Trade Center, Rockefeller Plaza, and more in NY. If you use this underlined link to see those, please return here to continue on with this trip.

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Below: A very short distance from the above statue, the two RV Gypsies explored the Distinguished Eagle Scout Memorial shown below. The Statue of Liberty can be seen in the background of some of these photos.

Distinguished Eagle Scout Memorial Distinguished Eagle Scout Memorial

Note of Interest: Many years ago, while his son, Brian Lee Duquette was a Boy Scout, Lee Duquette was a Boy Scout Master,

Distinguished Eagle Scout Memorial and Lee Duquette Distinguished Eagle Scout Memorial

Below: Karen Duquette photographed herself and Lee Duquette in the mirrored section of a wall

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