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The two RV Gypsies
took a day trip
in The Carolinas
July 2022

Yorkville building unique landromat decor

Below: M&M Nascar transporter

M&M Nascar transporter M&M Nascar transporter

Below: The two RV Gypsies could not get to the other side of the water tower to see what is said.

unknown blue water tower

Below: At first, the two RV Gypsies were not going to get out of their car, so Karen Duquette took a picture of the Chester County Courthouse through the car window. But then Karen decided that she wanted to walk around a bit and she took an even better photo of the courthouse, although the first photo does have a monument off to the side that is not shown in the second photo.

Chester County Courthouse Chester County Courthouse
cannon Confederate Parrott Field Rifle

Below: The Chester County Courthouse sign and a Chester Hometown Hero flag (one of several) just across the street from the courthouse.

Chester County Courthouse sign Chester Hometown Hero sign

Below: Next to the Chester County Courthouse, the two RV Gypsies saw The Department of Veterans Affairs Building (which was closed at the time), and so Karen Duquette photographed the Memorial.

Department of Veterans Affairs Building
Chester County WWI Veteran  Memorial Chester County WWII Veteran  Memorial
Chester County Korean War Veteran  Memorial Chester County Vietnam Veteran  Memorial
Chester County War on Terrorism monument

Leaving this area, the two RV Gypsies came to Sweet Caroline's Restaurant and stopped to eat. To learn about the restaurant, click here. There will be a link at the bottom of that page to take you back here.

IF you are NOT interested in the restaurant, continue scrolling down for a few photos in Blacksburg, SC.

divider bar

Below: The two RV Gypsies passed a car with a South Carolina plate. It was noticeable for two reasons -
(1) The roof was hard-sided with a convertible top.
(2) It must be a foreign car because the steering wheel is on the right-hand side of the car.

unique car

Below: As the two RV Gypsies drove through Gaffney South Carolina, Karen Duquette noticed that one of the city's flags was hung upside-down.

upside down town flag

Below: Karen Duquette noticed a nice mural by the corners of North Shelby and Eash Church Street in Blacksburg, SC so she got out of the car to take a photo. The sidewalk was very narrow and a police car was parked right there, so Karen could not get a photo facing "straight on". So she had to settle for the best photo she could get from an angle. There was not any traffic, but even if Karen had stood in the street to take the photo (which she did not), the police car would have blocked part of the photograph.

Blacksburg mural

Below: Eagle-eyed Lee Duquette noticed that the building in the above mural is the same building that was right across the street, (which currently has an addition off to the side). It is the Police Department building for the city of Blacksburg, located at 101 S. Shelby Street.

Blacksburg police station

Below: Continuing on, the two RV Gypsies noticed a big, empty, Castle, so Karen Duquette took a photo. A beheaded statue stood to the side of the doorway, partially hidden behind the tree.

They are not exactly sure where the Castle is located, but it was just before they got on the highway I-85 near North Carolina and South Carolina border.

old Castle
look below

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