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The two RV Gypsies drove from Lebanon TN
to Nashville, TN
to take their 33rd Segway tour
June 2, 2022

Along the way, Karen Duquette quickly snapped photos of things she likes to call "big oddities". But sometimes, she is not sure exactly where the photos were taken, especially if they were quickly taken out the window of a moving car or RV. If you know the location of these photos, please sign the Guestbook above and tell them the location. Thank you.

big watering pail big watering pail

Below: A Rest area off I-40 East at mile marker 73, Jackson, Tennessee.

Music Highway rest stop sign
Blue Star Memorial Highway sign Eisenhower interstate System sign
Railroad sign

Below: The two RV Gypsies would love to know more about this giant spear shown below, but they could not find out any information on it. If you know about it, please sign the Guestbook button above with the information. Thank you.

giant spearhead in TN giant spearhead in TN

Below: Walking around Nashville TN before their Segway tour, Karen Duquette snapped some interesting photos.

downtown Nashville mural in Nashville TN

Below: An amazing paint job on a semi.

Below: The "East" mural by local artists
covers more than 4,500 square feet
of the parking garage at 5th & Woodland
in Nashville, TN.

USA semi East mural in Nashville

Below: The Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum honors all musicians regardless of genre or instrument. The timeline starts with the beginning of recorded music. Inductees are nominated by current members of the American Federation of Musicians and by other music industry professionals. It was closed at the time The Two RV Gypsies were here. It does cost to enter.

Musicians Hall of Fame Musicians Hall of Fame
laughing chipmunksign to Noah
adoption mural adoption mural

Below: The two RV Gypsies arrived a bit early for their Segway tour, so they relaxed a bit at Church Street Park, 600 Church Street in Nashville. It is downtown Nashville's slice of a green oasis in the urban core. The park offers a respite for all Nashvillians and visitors, with seating and tables and a variety of free events. All of the programs at Church Street Park are provided by local small businesses and non profits. Nothing was happening when the two RV Gypsies were here.

Church Street Park plaque

Below: Lee Duquette liked the painting on this side of this building, but it did not impress Karen Duquette.

Church Street Park building Church Street Park building

Below: Tall buildings and great reflections on the buildings.

Tall building and a great reflection Tall buildings and great reflections

Below: Then it was finally time for the two RV Gypsies' 33rd Segway tour. This time at iRide Nashville Segway of Tennessee. Stephen was the guide. A bottle of water was supplied to the two RV Gypsies.

iRide Nashville Segway sign

Occasionally, the two RV Gypsies asked Stephen to take a photo, and he did. But Karen Duquette was disappointed that not enough photos were taken on this tour,. Plus looking at the slideshow on the Guided Segway Tour of Downtown Nashville site, Karen noticed a lot of places they did not get to see.

The two RV Gypsies in Nashville The two RV Gypsies in Nashville

Below: The Tennessee State Capitol stands today much as it did when it first opened in 1859, and is a magnificent tribute to the people of Tennessee. This graceful structure was designed by noted architect William Strickland who considered it his crowning achievement. When Strickland died suddenly during construction in 1854, he was buried in the north facade of the Capitol.

The cornerstone for the building was laid on July 4, 1845, and construction finished in 1859. The grounds of the State Capitol contain statues honoring Sam Davis, Sgt. Alvin York, and Presidents Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson. The tombs of President and Mrs. James K. Polk are also located on the Capitol grounds.

The Tennessee State Capitol building

Below: When you are on the highway and it says that Nashville is 37 miles away, it means you are 37 miles from the marker shown below, which notes, "Distances on state highways measured from this point." TDOT placed this marker at Bicentennial Mall State Park when it opened in 1996.

The original Zero Milestone was placed on May 12, 1924 at the corner of Union Street and Sixth Ave. in Downtown. Later it was relocated in front of the highway department's new building on Charlotte Ave. Later, a new TDOT building was built and this multi-ton stone was misplaced. The new zero milestone seen here was added to the park after an extensive search for the original yielded no results.

Tennessee Zero Milsestone marker

This 19 acre park in the heart of Nashville serves as a monument to the bicentennial celebration of the State of Tennessee. Location is 600 James Robertson Parkway, Nashville.

flags by the Tennessee Zero Milsestone Karen Duquette and the Segway tour guide

Below: A giant road map

Karen Duquette on a giant road map Karen Duquette on a giant road map

Below: Tennessee WW II memorial

Karen Duquette by her Segway

To honor Tennesseans that served and perished during WWII, this memorial features several components. Focus of the plaza is a 8-ton solid granite globe, engraved with countries during the 1940s. Lines stretch from Tennessee to distant destinations of the global conflict. The globe at the time of placement was the largest such engraved ball. It rotates in all directions on thin cushion of water.

8-ton solid granite globe Tennessee World War II Memorial

Below: A 2800 square foot granite plaza contains ten vertical pylons, each with engraved images from war time years. The panels on the east side recall events to the east (Europe and North Africa), and panels on the west recall events to the west (Pacific). Text below the images inform visitors of the history of the conflict and how Tennessee and its soldiers and citizens contributed to the national effort to defeat Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

vertical pylons with engraved images from war time vertical pylonswith engraved images from war time and Karen Duquette

The two RV Gypsies were the only two people on this Segway tour (which has happened more often than not). so they were given a small amount of free-wheeling time here at the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. But Stephen said he usually does not support free-wheeling time.

vertical pylons with engraved images from war time vertical pylons with engraved images from war time
vertical pylons with engraved images from war time vertical pylons with engraved images from war time
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