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The two RV Gypsies
at Citygarden 801 Market Street
St. Louis, Missouri 63101
May 26, 2022

Citygarden is an urban sculpture park located in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. The park is an oasis of free interactive art, fountains and gardens spanning two blocks in downtown St. Louis. Paved, winding paths lead visitors past 24 sculptures resting on wide lawns, six rain gardens, a children's spray plaza and a 180-foot-long pool with a six-foot waterfall.

Two walls stretch along the property; A granite-topped "meander wall" serves as ample seating for visitors, while a taller, curved wall of Missouri limestone stretches across the property creating several more private spaces. The park is not enclosed from the street and can be entered from any direction.

Citygarden sign behavior sign

Below: The two RV Gypsies noticed that the park was being monitored as they saw themselves on the big screen shown below, so they waved and took photos of themselves on the screen.

The two RV Gypsies on monitor The two RV Gypsies on monitor
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Below: Karen Duquette's favorite thing in the park was the Big Head

the Big Head the Big Head

So of course, Karen Duquette climbed inside the Big Head and looked out at Lee Duquette through the eye opening (shown below).

Karen Duqette and the Big Head

Then Lee Duquette came around and photographed Karen Duquette inside the Big Head

Karen Duqette and the Big Head Karen Duqette and the Big Head
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Below: Lee Duquette liked the moving walk sign titled "Bruce and Sarah Walking" by Julian Opie. He created the LED sculpture below, of a couple in constant forward motion. It was inspired by little LED horses he saw galloping with the taxi meters in South Korea and bright signs of Tokyo. Lee Duquette walked alongside it in perfect time, but Karen does not know how to post the video

LED walkers big red sculpture

Below: Lee Duquette had read about the pink suit headless dude and was happy that it was findable, It is titled "Big Suit" by Erwin Wurm.

Big Pink Suit Big Pink Suit

One of few female artists in the group, Laura Ford’s Bird in the photo below comes from an alternative world of fantasy, mythology and children's books. She says her sculptures are quite self absorbed. They are not “interested” in being looked at as pieces of art. The two RV Gypsies thought it was weird.

Bird statue

Below: Three views of "Zenit" by Mimmo Paladino. It is a symbol of vitality, strength, endurance and victory. This dodecahedron on top of the horse is not meant to represent the rider and most likely comes from Mimmo’s fascination with mathematics, but beyond that, he gives no indication of its meaning.

dodecahedron on top of a horse
dodecahedron on top of a horse dodecahedron on top of a horse

Below: Born in Connecticut to Quaker parents, sculptor Donald Baechler now lives in New York City. His scarecrow below was intended to reference the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil which inspired the work.

scarecrow scarecrow

Below: The loveable Pinocchio by American artist Jim Dine, whose childhood playing in his parents hardware store has continually been an influence in his work. Pinocchio was a childhood love of the artist that has stuck with him through the present day.

Pinocchio Pinocchio
Lee Duquette and a piece of art wall art

Below: Two Rabbits by Tom Classen. They are made of bronze and painted white so they look soft.

Two Rabbits
Lee Duquette by the pond waterfall close-up

Below: Lee Duquette liked the
reflection in the building.

Passing a closed restaurant,
two colorful faceless "people" were inside.

reflection in the building faceless people

look below

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