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The two RV Gypsies stopped at
Richards Farm Restaurant in Casey Illinois

Pitchfork sign
Richards Farm Restaurant entry Richards Farm Restaurant barn

Before going in to eat, the two RV Gypsies explored the outside area a bit.

The first thing the two RV Gypsies wanted to see is the Pitchfork that is 60 feet long and 13 feet in diameter.
The Pitchfork weighs 1-Ton.

Lee Duquette and the World's Largest Pitchfork

Below: A Giant Minion was very happy to see the two RV Gypsies.

A Giant Minion
flower flower
flower flower
directional sign
Lee Duquette bell and bird house
red barn and bathtub globe

Below:Lee Duquette was not sure what the "thing-a-ma-jig" shown below was for, but he played around with it for a few moments anyway

Lee Duquette Lee Duquette

After moving the pieces around, Lee still had a puzzled look on his face.

a puzzled Lee Duquette water pump and water can

Below: Inside Richards Farm Restaurant - unique decor

cow pig

Below: The doors to the Ladies Room and the Men's Room

Ladies Room door Mens Room door

Below: The dining area where the two RV Gypsies got seated. There was another area with better tables and, chairs and even booths, but for some reason, the two RV Gypsies go seated in this area by themselves. After ordering their food, Karen Duquette wandered around the restaurant with her camera.

our seats in the barn area

Beyond the door shown below, Karen Duquette went upstairs to see that area, which was really not open to the public, but a server told her to go ahead and he turned the lights on for her.

Hay Mow door upstairs dining
stairs and attic upstairs banquet area

Below: The staircase back down to the first floor of the restaurant.

staircase back down to the first floor

look below

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