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The two RV Gypsies
at Smale Riverfront Park
100 W. Merhing Way
Cincinnati, Ohio
May 2022

John G. and Phyllis W. Smale Riverfront Park connects downtown Cincinnati to the Ohio River and the existing riverfront parks. The park boasts multiple water play features, giant swings, an interactive foot piano (not working on this date), an imaginative play area for kids, expansive pollinator gardens, and Carol Ann's Carousel, plus the recently dedicated Marian Spencer Statue.

sign about the World's Largest Chime Foot Piano

Below: Noted as the World's Largest Chime Foot Piano, there was once a keyboard under the chimes, but it was not there on this date. At one time, sensors under the (now missing) piano keys caused the strikers at the top of the structure to ring the chimes. The piano was designed to play pre-recorded music and sound on the hour, or to be played with your feet. But not on this date.

World's Largest Chime Foot Piano World's Largest Chime Foot Piano
World's Largest Chime Foot Piano

Below: This large flying pig is known as the Oinkithopter.The fact that this happens to be a flying pig of all things has a long tradition: In the decades after the city was founded in 1814, Cincinnati was particularly famous for the production of salted pork.

With the Oinkithopter play structure, Richter created a winged pig that can be climbed via a climbing net and whose belly is just as suitable as a place for relaxation and retreat as for children's role-playing games. Once inside it is said that the stainless steel pig's wings flap and it moves up and down as well.

Flying Pig sign and rules
the Oinkithopter flying pig The Oinkithopter flying pig

Below: Lee Duquette pulling on the entry rope to make the pig's wings flap.

Lee Duquette and the Oinkithopter flying pig Lee Duquette and the Oinkithopter flying pig

water fountain

Below: Lee Duquette played with the water pump which sent water flowing down an open air pipe.

Lee Duquette playing with the water pump water pump pipe
divider bar
Smale Park Fountain Rules
flowers flowers
a flower a flower
girls palying in the water fountain changing colers in the fountain

Below: Carol Ann's Carousel. It does cost to ride it.

carousel closed sign Carol Ann's Carousel

Marian Spencer Statue Memorial

Marian Spencer Statue Memorial Karen Duquette and Marian Spencer Statue Memorial
The two RV Gypsies and Marian Spencer Statue Memorial

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