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The two RV Gypsies
at the Great American Ball Park
Cincinnati, Ohio
May 2022

1869 Red Stockings Pavilion Red Heads Truck
baseball mural baseball mural
869 Red Stockings Pavilion
Red Stockings Pavilion busts
Red Stockings Pavilion busts
Reds Team Shop Reds Team Shop
The two RV Gypsies at the Cincinnati Stadium wall art
statue of catcher, batter, pitcher

Below: Tony Perez

Tony Perez statue Tony Perez statue
Tony Perez statue Tony Perez statue and Karen Duquette
batter statue hitter statue
Pete Rose and the Charlie Hustle Lee Duquette said Pete Rose is OUT

Below: Joe Leonard Morgan - Baseball's Greatest Second Baseman, Cincinnati Reds 1972-1979

Joe Leonard Morgan statue
Joe Leonard Morgan plaque

Below: Giant Baseballs were everywhere

Giant Baseball
Giant Baseball
Rawlings Giant Baseball Cincinnati Reds truck
" I can not lift it" says Karen
Karen Duquette and a big baseball

Below: You had to put money in the tip bucket to take your picture with these dudes.

Karen Duquette and the Ninja Turtle Karen Duquette and the Ninja Turtle

Below: Spiderman had a lot more personality than the Ninja Turtle.

Karen Duquette and Spiderman Lee Duquette and Spiderman
Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame

Below: Both entrances to the street was blocked off to traffic. There was also an outside eating area enclosed.

street blockers

Below: The Stadium as photographed from the Blue Bridge

Stadium as photogrphed from the Blue Bridge Karen Duquette and the Stadium
Cincinnati Ball Park Cincinnati Ball Park
Lucky Fan First Pitch sign

look below

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