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The two RV Gypsies
enjoyed Cincinnati Art Museum
953 Eden Park Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
May 2022

The Cincinnati Art Museum is in the Eden Park neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio. Founded in 1881, it was the first purpose-built art museum west of the Alleghenies, and is one of the oldest in the United States. Its collection of over 67,000 works spanning 6,000 years of human history make it one of the most comprehensive collections in the Midwest.

Parking is free every day. General admission is also free to the Cincinnati Art Museum’s 73 permanent collection galleries and the Rosenthal Education Center (REC) family interactive center of the museum, thanks to the Richard and Lois Rosenthal Foundation, the Thomas J. Emery Endowment and an endowment established by the Cincinnati Financial Corporation/The Cincinnati Insurance Companies. Education program fees may apply to adults and children. Special exhibition pricing varies.

Cincinnati Art Museum sign

First, the two RV Gypsies spent time admiring and photographing the interesting art outside of the building.

The two RV Gypsies and the giant head outside the Cincinnati Art Museum giant head outside the Cincinnati Art Museum
side view of the giant head side view of the giant head

Below: Moving art work on the outside of the Cincinnati Art Museum

Moving art work

Below: Karen Duquette really liked the Wind Sculpture, so she photographed it from several angles.

Wind Sculpture sign
Wind Sculpture
Wind Sculpture Wind Sculpture

Below: A Giant Pinocchio

Karen Duquette and a Giant Pinnochio A Giant Pinnochio

Below: Looking down into Cincinnati

Lee Duquette ready to enter the museum

Looking down into Cincinnati Lee Duquette ready to enter the museum

Then it was time for the Two RV Gypsies to explore the art inside the Cincinnati Art Museum

Black and Brown Faces sign
Black and Brown Faces  mural

Below: Some art is just weird

What is this? weird horse
pizza and weird shapes 3-D face
Contemporary Art sign

Below: Two masks in each in its own showcase.

mask mask

Below: The following masks are just some of the one shown in a slide show at the exhibit.

mask in a slideshow mask in a slideshow
mask in a slideshow mask in a slideshow
mask in a slideshow mask in a slideshow
sign about the model racing canoe model racing canoe
African Doll Puppet
Lion Statue sign about the lion statue
sign about the Seated Dress
The Seated Dress

Below: No disrespect is meant towards the art shown above, or any art in this museum, BUT Karen Duquette just wanted a little humor on her website.

Karen Duquette

Below: Karen Duquette photographed several angles of The Aladdin Vase because of the silhouette of the artist etched in the glass.

Aladdin Vase
Aladdin Vase sign
The Aladdin Vase The Aladdin Vase

Decorated Bed

Blown Glass

Decorated Bed Blown Glass

look below

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