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The two RV Gypsies at
W. Main Street
in the City of Blue Ridge, Georgia
May 5, 2021

USA map showing location of GeorgiaGeorgia map showing location of Blue Ridge

Laugh out Loud clipartBelow: The two RV Gypsies noticed someone trying to break into a building. They did their civic duty by taking photographs.

a break-in a break-in
divider bar

Blue Ridge was laid out in 1886 when the Marietta and North Georgia Railroad was extended to that point. It was incorporated in 1887. In 1895, the seat of Fannin County was transferred to Blue Ridge from Morganton. The city sits on the divide between the Tennessee River watershed to the north (via the Toccoa River) and the Alabama River to the south (via Crooked Log Creek, the Ellijay River, and several downstream rivers). The city has a total area of 2.4 square miles, all land.

a big hill

Fannin County Courthouse and a Statue of Liberty, modified with a street lamp for its flame.

Fannin County Courthouse Statue of Liberty
metal people due on a bike

Below: A work of art in progress by Saw Artist, who also did the other art shown below.

Saw Artist work in progress
Saw Artist work in progress
sign about Toccoa River Tailwater
Saw Artist work Saw Artist wor
Saw Artist wor
fish fish

look below

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