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The two RV Gypsies and family at Dick's Restaurant
in Gatlinburg, Tennessee 2021

The Server really loved Lee Duquette who was dressed as Popeye The Sailor Man and encouraged him to enter the Halloween Contest by getting his photo taken. But they only took a group photo and Popeye could hardly be seen. The two RV Gypsies have not been able to find anything on the internet about the winners. But it's okay, because they had a fun time at this crazy restaurant. But they do wonder who won, IF anyone!

Dicks Halloween Trash Bash poster

Karen Duquette, The Scarecrow had a giant Margarita.

Popeye The Sailor man had a giant hot dog

giant hot dog menu notice

This was a wild, crazy, fun restaurant. Napkins and silverware were wildly thrown onto the center of the table. The fun-loving server cracked lots of jokes and even called Karen "A Karen" not knowing it was her name - well guess what, Karen Duquette stood up and wise-cracked her back because she could. Everything was fun but there was trash all over the floor, because nobody wants their feet in spilled liquids while they eat.

A pirate in the middle of the room

pirate in the middle of the room

Everyone was given a paper hat with a hand-written message on it.

Boo Call hat old age paper hat

Below: Funny thing -- she really does work at Walmart

Walmart paper hat Walmart paper hat
cheap talk paper hat

John had to remove his Halloween wig - the hat just couldn't fit otherwise.

paper hat will not fit paper hat
Joker hat
look below

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