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The two RV Gypsies
enjoyed Bartlett  Arboretum and Gardens
151 Brookdale Road
in Stamford, CT 06903
June 27, 2021

USA map showing location of Connecticut

At this time, Bartlett Arboretum was open Monday - Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Entry was free but special events required the purchase of tickets. There was plenty of parking. There were a lot of hiking trails, but the two RV Gypsies were only interested in the flowers. Although there are 12 gardens, not many flowers were in bloom on this date. However, the two RV Gypsies did find some interesting, unusual flowers. The man in the welcome office was not very friendly. It was a super hot day.

City of Stamford sign

Bartlett Arboretum sign

The Sensory Garden is devoted to plants that emphasize the five senses: smell, sight, hearing, taste and touch. Each raised bed in the garden had a different group of plants.

Sensory Garden sign and information


Visitors are encouraged to touch these flowers.

touch the flowers

buterfly and flowers

animated flowers

The Hearing  section had grasses and bamboos that make noise when the wind blows. The water fountain was not working on this date.

hear the grasses and bamboos

animated flowers

The Smell Garden had scented plants like lavender, roses, scented geraniums and lilies.

The Smell Garden
flowers flower
animated flowers

The Taste section had ripe sugar snap peas, beans oregano, basil, cherry tomatoes - and the sign encouraged guests to taste.

The Taste Garden
animated flowers
Herb Garden sign

The Herb Garden featured aromatic, culinary, medicinal and economically interesting herbs, The plants are annual perennial, native and tropical. Herbs are products used daily in teas, medicines, and flavorings. Herbs can treat indigestion, colds and migraines,



Below: Culinary plants

Below:Medicinal plants - Oregano

Culinary plants

Medicinal plants - Oregano

Below: Feverfew - Chrysanthemum - anti-inflammatory, reduces migraines, insect repellent and more


Bay Leaves

Cone Flower


Cottage Garden information sign

The Cottage Garden was named for the popular British Gardens in the 18th century. The first Cottage Garden at Bartlett Arboretum was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2014.

Cottage Garden and information sign flower in Bartlett Arboretum

Alice Smith Fern Allee

Alice Smith Fern Allee

Marble Core Life Form

Marble Core Life Form sign

USA divider bar

911 Memorial Archway sign

Archway is made from offspring of the Survivor tree shown above

Below: Steel Artifact from World Trade Center Complex

archway sign Steel Artifact from World Trade Center Complex

Lee Duquette at the 9/11 Arch

Archway is made from offspring of the Survivor tree shown above

USA divider bar

tree and ferns

funky tree

Sundial Garden sign



Bee Crossing sign

bee hive

Greenhouse sign

The Greenhouse employees only
green divider bar

Below: A Climbing Hydrangea on tree - plus a close up further below

stuff on a tall tree
close up of Climbing Hydrangea on tree Climbing Hydrangea sign
green divider bar
flower in Bartlett Arboretum flower in Bartlett Arboretum
flower in Bartlett Arboretum
white butterlfy on a flower white butterfly
flower in Bartlett Arboretum flower in Bartlett Arboretum
flower in Bartlett Arboretum flower in Bartlett Arboretum
Ornamental Onion sign Ornamental Onion
Ornamental Onion Ornamental Onion
flowers in Bartlett Arboretum Bartlett Arboretum  Growmobile

look below

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