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The two RV Gypsies at
The Southwestern Pennsylvania WW II Memorial
in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 12, 2021

USA map showing location of PennsylvaniaPA map showing location of Pittsburgh

The Southwestern Pennsylvania World War II Memorial in Pittsburgh commemorates the efforts of local veterans who served, plus the men and women who contributed to the war efforts at home. This memorial contains hundreds of photographs. There are 24 granite panels with different narrative subjects, including that of the 28th Infantry Division (Pennsylvania National Guard) marching under the Arc de Triomphe after liberating Paris. It was dedicated in 2013.
Dedicated 2013 - The Southwestern Pennsylvania World War II Memorial

Below: Entry into the circular memorial from the front side by the American Flag.

the circular memorial

Below: The Southwestern Pennsylvania World War II Memorial sign shown above is actually 3 sided. The other two sides are shown below.



Then the two RV Gypsies entered the circular memorial and turned to the right and photographed the panorama shown below. The 3-sided monument on the entry sign "Southwestern Pennsylvania World War II Memorial" and military emblems (shown above) are on the right end of the panorama shown below).

On the left end, as you look at the panorama above, is the 3-sided stone plaque with a bronze folded flag sculpture on top. Plus close-ups of the engravings on each of the three sides are shown below.

The tall black signs are granite narrative panels. The Last one on the right in the panorama photo above says "The War Begins". So if you enter at the memorial sign and American Flag and walk to the right, you will first read the narrative panel "The War Begins." even though it is on the right end of the panorama and appears to be last.

Below: Close-ups of the some of the sections in the panorama above.

Below: Some of the granite panels in this panorama that divides the pictures - Starting with the last one on the right, which is the first one you will read - "The War Begins"

The war Begins sign

America enters WW II
Pearl Harbor Narrative WW II

Japanese Prisoner telegram

United Home Front

Army and Navy Nurses

Iwo JIma sign
Two Rosies Remembered
an Arsenal of Democracy
Building the bomb sign
sign about America's Sacrifice
sign about Renaissance Pittsburgh

Below: The East Side - (and part of The West Side that was shown and described above).

Below: A closer look at individual panels on The East Side

Below: Some of the granite panels in the panorama that divides the pictures on The East Side

Pittsburgh - A Crossroads arsenal of Democracy
rescuing Jews Made in Pittsburgh sign
Nazis take prisoners women who served sign
outhwestern Pennsylvania WW II Memorial Torpedoed sign
Reunion WWII sign Devastating Cost of War sign
D-Day Lando information End of the war

look below

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