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The two RV Gypsies
In Blairsville, Georgia
May 5-7, 2021

USA map showing location of GeorgiaGeorgia map shwing location of Blairville
Welcome to Blairsville GA

Blairsville is a city and the county seat of Union County on the northern border of Georgia, USA. It was founded near the Nottely River, which was dammed in 1942 as part of the Tennessee Valley Authority project, forming Lake Nottely. Below is the Historic Union County Courthouse which also includes the Historical Society.

Historic Union County Courthouse Union COunty Historical Society

Pappy's Riverwalk is a roadside stop in Blairsville, Georgia. Unfortunately, everything was closed on the day that the two RV Gypsies were here. It seemed to be common that many businesses are closed on  Wednesday and Thursdays. It is rumored that an outsider bought the place, ruined the atmosphere and won't sell it back to the local people, so it is totally closed for now. So the two RV Gypsies do not really know if it is ever open. But still, they enjoyed the outside area and the cars, since they were really just passing by anyway.

Pappy's Riverwalk sign

Pappy's Riverwalk
2763 Pappy's Plaza-Gainesville Hwy
(U.S. Highway 129
Blairsville, GA 3523 ( Union County)

Pappy's Ice Cream and Trading post horse eating an ice cream cone
Pappy's Trading Post Plaza sign Pappy's Trading Post building
part of Pappy's Trading Post building Pappy's Trading Post building
Pappy's Trading Post building mural
old wooden ferris wheel at Pappy's
old wooden ferris wheel at Pappy's
old car old car
car murals at pappy's old stagecoach
Captain Outrageous Pop Art Car Captain Outrageous Pop Art Car
Pop Art Van

Below: Outrageous Foundation pick-up truck - "Why Don't' We Do It In The Road"

Outrageous Foundation pick-up truck
Outrageous Foundation pick-up truck abd carousel horses Outrageous Foundation pick-up truck abd carousel horses

Below: Just down the street from Pappy's - more cool oddities at Jim's Smokin'Que - closed on the date the Two RV Gypsies were here.

Jim's Smokin'Que
pink pig propane tank pink pig propane tanks
divider bar

Below: The Airplane Car

airplane car

airplane car propeller

Booger Hollow Store

look below

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