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The two RV Gypsies
at Wildcat Wayside Waterfall
in The Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area
on Highway 11
in Cleveland, South Carolina
January 27, 2021

On the Southern edge of the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area, literally just off South Carolina's Highway 11 (The Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway) is the roadside park labelled Wildcat Wayside. But this area is officially known as the Greenville Wayside Park. It is a small park, about 60 acres, and contains 4 waterfalls, a cascade, a short 8/10s of a mile loop trail, which is an easy hike.

The two RV Gypsies did not know there were more waterfalls and a short hike, and regret that they only took the time to see one of the waterfalls. But they may just return sometime.

Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area State Park sign Wildcat Wayside Waterfall

Below: Views of Wildcat Wayside Waterfall from the road. There is just a little bit of parking on the side of the road. This is the bottom waterfall which cascades 20 to 30 feet down a slab of exposed granite into a shallow pool, where locals splash around during the warmer weather.

Wildcat Wayside Waterfall Wildcat Wayside Waterfall

Below: The two RV Gypsies saw the uneven rock stairs at the side of the waterfall and decided to investigate. The rock stairs were a bit steep and uneven.

steep, uneven rock stairs waterfall portion by the stairs

At the top of the stairs, the two RV Gypsies paused to view the waterfall.

Wildcat Wayside Waterfall Karen Duquette at Wildcat Wayside Waterfall

Then Lee Duquette crossed over the rocks. As Karen Duquette did the same, she took a photo looking down towards the road.

Lee Duquette at Wildcat Wayside Waterfall looking back towards the road

Then it was up more stairs to circle around towards the top of the waterfall.

more stairs Lee Duquette and his walking stick

At the top of the second steps of stairs, Karen peeked through the trees for different angles of the waterfall.

Wildcat Wayside Waterfall Wildcat Wayside Waterfall

Then Lee Duquette stood on some dry rocks at the top of the waterfall.

Lee Duquette

Walking a bit more, the two RV Gypsies saw a fireplace in the woods.

fireplace in the woods

Below: Three photos of the faded sign located a bit in front of the fireplace shown above.

sign about The Greenville Waysiide Park sign about The Greenville Waysiide Park
sign about The Greenville Waysiide Park

To the left side of the fireplace and sign shown above, more water can be seen coming down which flows into the waterfall shown at the top of this page. That is when the two RV Gypsies realized that there are more waterfalls and trails up ahead, but they did not have their hiking boots on so they did not investigate and did not know that it was an easy trail. A decision Karen Duquette regrets.

water flowing water flowing
short water cascade tree branches
Lee Duquette Karen Duquette
stream water flowing in the woods

Then the two RV Gypsies started back down towards their car. If they ever get this way again, they will wear hiking boots and explore higher up to see the other three waterfalls.

looking down towards the street Lee Duquette

NOTE: On further research, Karen Duquette discovered that Confusion Falls (a rare double waterfall from two different creeks that occur together as they join into a single creek) and Moonshine Falls (a waterfall and cave named after the elixir that used to be made in a the nearby cave) are each 2.4 miles from this waterfall. But they did not know about those waterfalls either, so they continued on to Bald Rock, 1.5 miles away. (The two RV Gypsies just went for a car ride and really did not have a destination in mind, and therefore did not do any research ahead of time as to what was in the area.)

looking down towards the street

look below

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