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The two RV Gypsies
at Mud Creek Falls on Highway 246
Sky Valley, Rabun County, Georgia
October 27, 2020
USA map showing location of GeorgiaEast Coast USA map showing location of Sky Valley GAGeorgia map and Rabun County map

Mud Creek Falls is just one of 17 public waterfalls in Rabun County, although the two RV Gypsies had trouble finding several of the waterfalls, even with the GPS.

Mud Creek Falls is located in the small resort city of Sky Valley, Georgia. Above Mud Creek Falls is Spring Lake. Mud Creek Falls cascades for over 100 feet eventually into Estatoah Falls near Dillard, Georgia. (Estatoah Falls is on private property.)

No hiking is required to reach Mud Creek Falls. It is just a short walk within 50-75 feet from the parking area. There is a picnic table available first come first serve. There is hiking on an easy, wide path that begins at the base of the falls along the stream, but it is not necessary to see the falls.

fall colors along the road to Mud Creek Falls Mud Creek Falls trail sign

Below: The two RV Gypsies got their first look at Mud Creek Falls and the flow of the waters through the big rocks below the falls.

Mud Creek Falls below the falls

Lee Duquette loved the way the water spurted up at a certain turn in the pathway.

water spurt Karen Duquette at Mud Creek Falls

Lee Duquette was fascinated with the tree that was growing over and through the top of a big boulder.

Lee Duquette Lee Duquette
Mud Creek Falls Mud Creek Falls
Mud Creek Falls Karen Duquette at Mud Creek Falls
Karen Duquette at Mud Creek Falls Karen Duquette at Mud Creek Falls
Lee Duquette Karen Duquette at the bottom of Mud Creek Falls

There was also a small stream of water flowing down the side of the cliff just to the side of the Falls.

water flow water at base

Lee Duquette could not stop the car on the way to nor from Mud Creek Falls because of traffic behind him. But just a few feet from Mud Creek Falls, Karen Duquette quickly photographed fall colors along the roadway as Lee drove past.

fall colors   fall colors
fall colors fall colors

look below

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