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The two RV Gypsies
travelled to Walhalla, South Carolina
to see Issaqueena Falls and Stumphouse Tunnel
October 21, 2020

A map showing location of South  CarolinaSC map showing location of Walhalla
Welcome to South Carolina sign Walhalla sign

Founded in 1850 and located in Upstate South Carolina in the Northwest corner of the state, Walhalla is the county seat of Oconee County. It is nestled in the shadows of the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, and cradled by the cool waters of the Chattooga River. Walhalla is one of the last South Carolina cities to stop in before trekking into the mountains for local hiking trails, or a short, scenic drive to Lake Jocassee or Highlands, NC. One way or another, in Walhalla, you will be on the “Main street to the Mountains.

Walhalla Fire department and truck Flag

Below: The Confederate Monument was built in 1910 in memory of Oconee County Confederate soldiers who lost their lives fighting in the civil war. Protestors for and against the statue clashed for four straight days (not when the two RV Gypsies were here). Walhalla city officials say it is too early to make a decision on the memorial's future. Even though it was a gift to Walhalla, it is likely protected by the SC Heritage Act, which means state government approval would be required for its removal.

Above quote from

Confederate Monument

Below: The above monument is in the middle of the street. Behind the monument, the two RV Gypsies spotted (and loved) a house decorated in a scary manner for Halloween.

Halloween house
Stumphouse Tunnel and Issaqueena Falls sign

Below: Driving through town, Karen Duquette noticed a window painted in bright colors and she quickly snapped a photo as Lee Duquette drove by, It took a while for Karen to realize what the window was saying. Hint - It is a Wine establishment. Change the words Boo Sheet to something Karen won't print here. -- hint - BS - LOL

BS window sign

Below: Issaqueena Falls

Issaqueena Falls, near Walhalla, South Carolina, is a 100 foot high cascade waterfall in the Oconee District of the Sumter National Forest. There was a $5 cash parking fee which required the exact amount. It was only a 0.3 mile hike to an overlook to view the falls.

To get to the base of the falls, the terrain is challenging at best. You will need to hold onto roots and climb down a very steep and muddy incline. The two RV Gypsies did not choose to do that. They enjoyed the view from the overlook.

The falls are named for a legendary Cherokee girl who is said to have leaped from the top of the falls with her lover, either an Oconee brave, a white trader named Allan Francis, or a white silversmith named David Francis. In the story, Issaqueena and her lover either die together or they land on a ledge out of sight of hostile tribesmen and eventually live happily ever after.

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Isaqueena Falls sign The two RV Gypsies at Issaqueena Falls

The two RV Gypsies walked over a short bridge then to another bridge, a short covered bridge.

a short bridge covered bridge
Issaqueena Falls sign
water flowing a look at the waterfall through the trees
trail trail
Issaqueena Falls
Issaqueena Falls The two RV Gypsies
Issaqueena Falls Issaqueena Falls
view of fall colors Issaqueena Falls
Issaqueena Falls Issaqueena Falls
water flow by the covered bridge

look below

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