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The two RV Gypsies enjoyed
the Scarecrow Crawl for their 3rd year
in Fort Mill, South Carolina
October 2020

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Although this is the 6th Annual Scarecrow Crawl in Fort Mill,
it is only the 3rd time for The Two RV Gypsies

Map with dots showing location of the scarecrowsscarecrow clipart
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The two RV Gypsies absolutely have a very favorite entry this year - The Iwo Jima -which was more like a monument than a scarecrow . It needed to be photographed from different angles. The two RV Gypsies hopes it wins the contest.

Iwo Jima signWOW
The Iwo Jima Scarecrow Monument The Iwo Jima Scarecrow Monument
The Iwo Jima Scarecrow Monument The Iwo Jima Scarecrow Monument
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Below: Several other scarecrows that the two RV Gypsies really liked, for creativity purposes. First up, are two of the "cutest" ones.

Fort Mill Garden Club entry Hair Studio on Main Scarecrow

Below: Wade by the Stormwater Department - Keep it Plain, Only Rain

fishing scarecrow

Even though 2020 News is Fake and Biased, the two RV Gypsies still liked this News Display.

TV Reporter Scarecrow
Guns N Roses Scarecrow

Below: Scarecrows that were just a bit different, because of imagination, shape, composition or they just do not look like a normal scarecrow. Listed in "no particular order".

First up is "Settle Into A Good Book"

Settle Into A Good Book wagon
Settle Into A Good Book wagon

Dr. See Well

Dr. Frenezer
- Home & Office Cleaning Services

Dr. See Well Home & Office Cleaning Services

Toppers Pizza Delivery

Toppers Pizza Delivery
Toppers Pizza Delivery

Girl Scouts USA - Hornets Nest Council

Blooming Einsteins

Girl Scouts USA Blooming Einsteins
Young life in a hammock
take life easy
Oscar the Grouch Fort Mill Public Works Scarecrow

Below: The Moose and the Rabbit

Tommy the Moose from The Moose Lodge rabbit ears
Upside down skateboarding skeleton
hay owl Lowe's work scarecrow
Eat More Briskit cow

Below: The two RV Gypsies noted that this is the same as last year. It won't be posted if it is the same in future years.

same as last year same as last year
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Below: The Children's Maze Area, a 50-square-foot hay maze.

The Childrens Maze Area
scarecrows in the maze area scarecrows in the maze area
Karen Duquette ad a Happy Fall sign
Fort Mill Happy Fall sign NASA spacecrow
Callie sign
Callie scarecrow
crayon bucket Coach Scarecrow
electrcian scarecrow Dino Crow
Wicked Fidwithch Cuitars dark scarecrow
Iron Man scarecrow owl scarecrow
boxing scarecrow hard working scarecrow
Inspector Gadget scarecrow Hornet Hive scarecrow

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