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The two RV Gypsies at Griggs Nature Preserve
at Hayden Falls Park
4326 Hayden Run Road
Columbus, Ohio
July 14, 2020

USA map showing location of Ohio

Hayden Falls Park is in Griggs Nature Preserve located on the West side of the Scioto River, just along Hayden Run Road, West of Griggs Reservoir bridge. A 0.3 mile boardwalk, steps and an overlook were constructed in 2006 to aid in accessibility of the community viewers, but as to protect the natural ecosystem as well. There are a few picnic tables are on upper level and a small parking lot is also available. This park includes a unique gorge habitat that only occurs along the western shore of the Scioto River. This ecosystem is home to a beautiful 35-foot waterfall and also rare and endangered plants. However, on this date, the waterfall was completely dried-up - Non-existent.

Welcome to Griggs Nature Preserve sign sign about Protecting our Watershed

Below: About 50 stairs down/up. But since Lee forgot something in the car, Karen Duquette went back to get it, so in total she walked 200 stairs. (50 down and 50 up - twice). Lee Duquette only had to walk up and down once for a total of 100 stairs.

50 stairs dow to Griggs Nature Center the Boardwalk

Below: Not only was the waterfall non-existent, but the sign at the end of the boardwalk sure needs to be replaced.

sign in really bad condition where the waterfalls should be

A drone was watching the Two RV Gypsies.

A drone was watching the Two RV Gypsies.

Below: After going back up the stairs, the Two RV Gypsies walked a short dirt trail alongside the road hoping to get a glimpse of the river. They were greeted by a small ceramic Angel praying in the dirt. To the left of that Angel, was a way to glimpse the river, but there was a tent there for a homeless person, so the Two RV Gypsies felt it rude to intrude, and left.

Ceramic Angel

Below: Leaving the area, the two RV Gypsies drove alongside the Scioto River, then up and down some "roller-coaster roads".

the Scioto River roller-coaster road

Below: A bit later, the two RV Gypsies drove through a small town, called Roseville and saw a giant painted vase by a building.

A giant painted vase in Roseville, Ohio

look below

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