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Forest City, North Carolina
and The Mural Scavenger Hunt
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June 10, 2020

USA map showing location of North CarolinaNC map showing location of Forest City

history Forest City, formerly known as "Burnt Chimney,"is a town in Rutherford County, North Carolina, United States. It is the largest municipality in Rutherford County.

welcome to Forest City mural of downtown
downtown Forest City NC downtown Forest City NC
Town of Forest City NC sign clock in Forest City, NC
clock in Forest City, NC
amphitheater in Forest City NC flowers in median downtown Forest City

Below: Funny signs in a store window

funnsy sign about aclcoholism
funny sign alcohol or a a salad
crazy family sign
mosquito sign
pirate sign
Margarita sign
friends sign

Below: This mural is located in downtown Forest City at 149 E Main St. The original mural was done in 2000 and was redone around 2011. Clive Hayes is the artist for this Mural. The town asked him to paint it as something to depict the town as a whole. Clive's idea for this mural was to give an illusion of the town. He hid a lot of objects in the mural to make it more of a "find and seek" style. He enjoyed this piece because he got to make it up as he went. while still including a lot of history along the way. The mural is a whole block long and the objects are very small.
above quote from

the mural is a block long
mural part of the mural

This is a really fun mural because it features a scavenger hunt! Clive Haynes created this stunning mural with over 70 unique items hidden within it, including Babe Ruth's bat, the Starship Enterprise and Elvis' guitar. The two RV Gypsies found 60 out of the 70 items, and photographed 50 of them.

The photos below are interesting and fun BUT are NOT part of the hidden items. But at the bottom of this page, there is a link to the photos of the 50 items The Two RV Gypsies photographed.

town of Burnt Chimney painting scissors and comb painting
Welcome to Forest City painting on the mural painting on the mural
musical nstruments painting on the mural wildlife scene on painting on the mural
part of the mural Graham Cash on the mural
tree and traffic light on the mural
very tiny parasailer on the painting
birds on the roof of the mural mouse and candle on the mural

look below

And now the fun begins

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