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South Carolina Botanical Garden
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The Aquatic Garden, turtles, ducks, fish and more

Duck Pond sign

Why it is The Two RV Gypsies! Plus other wildlife, of course.

Aquatic Garden sign pond reflections
pond reflections pond reflections
gazebo Lee Duquette at the Gazebo
Lee Duquette at the Gazebo view from the gazebo
ceiling of the gazebo gazebo window design
Lee Duquette gazebo view of turtles

Below: Lots of turtles sunning on a small island, and swimming in the pond.

lots of turtles on an island lots of turtles on an island
two turtles a very small turtle
turtle turtle
turtle turtle
cardinal bird fish
fish fish
fish fish

Below: And here comes the ducks

here comes the ducks here comes the ducks
duck swimming duck swimming
duck ducks
ducks coming on land duck ducking its head
duck duck

Note: The South Carolina Botanical Garden is large, and Karen took a lot of photos, so you may visit the following sections in the order of your choice. The page you are on is grayed out.

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1 - Entrance to the Gardens

2 - Caboose Garden

3 - flowers in various garden sections

4 - Butterfly Garden

5 - Children's Garden and a sculpture

6 - Aquatic Garden (this page)

7 - The Hunt Cabin and a small waterfall

8 - Desert Garden, Jurassic Garden,
Geology museum outside

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