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The two RV Gypsies took a day trip
through Historic Downtown Lancaster, SC
and stopped at Springs Park Access Area
May 8, 2020

USA map showing locaion of SCSC map showing location of Lancaster

The city of Lancaster is in the north central part of South Carolina, just south of the North Carolina state line in the Charlotte Metropolitan Area. Its motto is "Forward Together, the Spirit of Lancaster".

historyKnown as the Red Rose City, it was settled in the 1700s by pioneers from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In turn, the Pennsylvanians traced their city's founders to English areas under the House of Lancaster, which had a red rose as its emblem.

The Houses of Lancaster and York (represented by a white rose) battled each other for the English Crown in the late 1400s in a conflict most history students will recall as the "War of the Roses."

The city still goes by its nickname and uses a red rose as a city symbol.

Main Street intersecting with Dunlap Street

Historic Downtown Lancaster sign Lancaster County Historical Courthouse sign

Note: The one photo below shown directly below this paragraph (plus some quotes) on this site are from,_South_Carolina.

All other photos on this site are by Karen Duquette.

Main Street, Lancaster SC

Below: Lancaster County Confederate Monument with an Inscription 1861-1865.

Lancaster County Confederate Monument

historyWorthy: The fadeless fame which Lancaster's soldiers won in defending the honor of the South, the rights of the States, the liberties of the people, the sentiments of the South and the principles of the Union, as they were handed down to them by the fathers of our common country.

Lancaster County Confederate Monument Lancaster County Confederate Monument

Below: Karen Duquette photographed a few of the flags that were hanging on light poles, as Lee Duquette drove the car through the town.

flag on a lightpole in Lancaster, SC flag on a lightpole in Lancaster, SC
flag on a lightpole in Lancaster, SC flag on a lightpole in Lancaster, SC
flag on a lightpole in Lancaster, SC flag on a lightpole in Lancaster, SC
flag on a lightpole in Lancaster, SC flag on a lightpole in Lancaster, SC
flag on a lightpole in Lancaster, SC balloon and a 2020 sign
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Then The Two RV Gypsies drove on to Springs Park Access Area at 1184 Springs Park Road, Lancaster SC. It was totally deserted on the date that the two RV Gypsies were here. But be sure to scroll down for the fascinating history of this area, as it was once a bustling, amazing place to visit. However, it did appear that perhaps some restoration was possibly being done because the two RV Gypsies could hear construction noises coming from down below the tree area.

Springs Park Access  Area sign
Catawba River in Lancaster SC Catawba River in Lancaster SC
sign for boaters boat Ramp

history Springs Recreation Park is a park built in the early 1900s by Springs Mills primarily for the enjoyment of their mill workers and their families. Very little official information exists about this park, except that it opened somewhere around 1925 and closed before the end of the summer season in August of 1989.The park was elaborate and boasted a massive concrete swimming pool complete with a triple-decker diving platform and a concrete viewing stadium fit for a mini Olympic venue. It was, by all accounts, the best pool in the whole state. At 16 feet deep, it may also have been the deepest!

In addition to the large pool and stadium, the park boasted several amusement rides, including a small Ferris Wheel and a miniature ride-on train.

As if all this was not enough, Springs Park also had a skating rink, a miniature golf course and a bowling alley. It was the place to be and the place to be seen for a long, long time.

Not much remains of this park except the boat ramp. That is such a shame.

Most above quote from

sign about The Springs Park Story
look below

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