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The Two RV Gypsies explored Cherry Park
1466 Cherry Park Road
Rock Hill, SC 29732
March 14, 2020

USA map showing location of SCSC map showing location of Rock Hill

Admission to Cherry Park is free with the exception of tournaments and events. The second sports venue to be inducted into the National Softball Association’s (NSA) Hall of Fame, Cherry Park is Rock Hill’s premier softball/baseball facility nestled in a beautiful 68 acre park with scenic walking trails, a large playground, restrooms, an outdoor shelter with picnic table seating for 50, and numerous other park amenities.

Cherry Park can be enjoyed year-round and provides athletic programs for both youth and adults. The park is also proud to host some of the largest regional, state, and national tournaments in the country.

At the entrance to the softball/baseball complex stands a bronze statue of Mighty Casey, well-known to softball and baseball enthusiasts as the subject of Ernest Lawrence Thayer’s poem “Casey at the Bat.” This 14’ public art work was crafted by Mark Lundeen in 1991.

a bronze statue of Mighty Casey a bronze statue of Mighty Casey
entrance to ball field design in the ground
Cherry Park plaque a small stream
kids at play sign

Below: Karen Duquette relaxing on March 19, 2020 during the Global Coronavirus

Karen Duquette in her  Coronavirus mask
views of the sun from a porch swing views of the sun from a porch swing
views of the sun from a porch swing views of the trees from a porch swing
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