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The two RV Gypsies
traveled to Buena Vista, Virginia
April 6 - 7, 2019

USA map showing location of VirginiaVirginia map showing location of Buena Vista

While visiting several places in Buena Vista, the two RV Gypsies parked their RV at Glen Maury Park by the Maury River.

Buena Vista is an independent city located in the Blue Ridge Mountains region of Virginia in the United States. Formerly named "Hart's Bottom", "Green Forest" or "Green Valley" until 1888, and chartered as a town in 1890, Buena Vista was granted a city charter on February 15, 1892. Buena Vista is situated on the east side of the Maury River at the western foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Bureau of Economic Analysis combines the independent cities of Buena Vista and Lexington, along with surrounding Rockbridge County, for statistical purposes.

Welcome to Buena Vista sign Greetings from Buena Vista Virginia

Below: Travel scenery on the way to Buena Vista.

USA flag mountain scenery on the way to Buena Vista
Spring flag deer in somebody's yard in Buena Vista

Oddities seen driving to Buena Vista and in Buena Vista.

Below: While Lee Duquette was driving the RV, Karen Duquette noticed an interesting pick-up truck and quickly snapped a picture out of the moving RV window. The GPS said they were passing through the City of Orange in Orange County, Virginia.

Shortly afterwards, they passed a Pinwheel Garden.

interesting pick-up truck Pinwheel Garden

Below: Coffee Pot House
1870 E. Midland Trail
Lexington, Virginia

On Highway 60 between Lexington and Buena Vista, a building that almost looks like a coffee pot sits on the right side of a curving grade. The two-story corrugated metal structure qualifies as coffee-related by virtue of its roundness and the attached spout and handle.

history bookAccording to Roadside America, Ellen Bryant shed some light on the origins of the big pot. Her grandfather's brother Kenneth Wills built the coffee pot in the late 1950s (the family usually referred to it as a teapot). "He operated it as a restaurant for a long time, until he moved his family to Virginia Beach. Kenneth Wills died in 1964 from a heart attack. His wife still resides in Virginia Beach."

The coffee pot has been inhabited by a succession of business; in the 1990s a vacation canoe rental operated from there. In 2010 the building was open for business as a fresh fish market, but closed by next report in 2012. The distinctive coffee pot elements are always visible.

Coffee Pot House
Coffee Pot House

Below: Paulverizer: Cyborg Muffler Man
1400 Sycamore Avenue
Buena Vista, Virginia

history bookMark Cline is the creator of his 2013 "Paulverizer". Standing atop the cab of a junked truck, it holds a motorized dirt bike at the end of one of its beefy human arms, but aside from these two limbs and its head, the rest of its body is robotic. Inside its chest is a control pod occupied by an insectivore alien, who's operating the giant humanoid with levers. Mark said he got that idea from a scene in the first Men in Black film. Paulverizer is the cyborg embodiment of Paul Palma, who owns the recycling plant where it stands. Its RoboCop-inspired head was originally modified by Cline for a Muffler Man that stood at Galaxy Golf in Nags Head, North Carolina. Hurricane Bertha destroyed that statue in July 1996; Mark salvaged the head, and it lay in the yard of his fiberglass studio for years. In 2010 Mark was asked to play Patsy Cline's second husband in a theatrical production of her life (Mark is related to Patsy's first husband, Gerald Cline). The woman who played Patsy was married to Paul Palma. He and Mark struck up a friendship, and Paul then paid Mark to build the 24-foot-tall cyborg Muffler Man. Starting with the salvaged head, Cline created the rest out of his imagination. It was unveiled on October 19, 2013.

Paulverizer: Cyborg Muffler Man
painted propane tank

Not sure where these were located - photographed through the window of the RV, while driving.

carriage and painted horse
blue goat on a wall
Richmond Virginia sign

Marlboro column in 2019
in Richmond, Virginia

Marlboro column in 2004
in Richmond, Virginia

Marlboro column in 2019 Marlboro column in 2004

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