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The two RV Gypsies
at Palisades State Park
25495 485 Avenue
Garretson, South Dakota
(Minnehaha County)
September 7, 2016

USA map showing location of South DakotaSD map showing location of Garretson

Palisades State Park, located in southeastern South Dakota in the town of Garretson, is the second smallest state park in South Dakota. At 157 acres in area, the park is quite small compared to the vastness of other state parks in South Dakota. Although compact in size, this park packs a powerful visual punch, and the history of the area—complete with larger-than-life legends and tales—more than compensates for its small size.

Palisades State Park is one of the few places in the nation that contains pipestone which is a mineral found in the matrix of quartzite and is used by Native Americans for making peace pipes. Several pipestone quarry sites can be found within the park.

sign: Palisades State Park

The Sioux Quartzite rocks are 1.2 billion years old and up to 50 feet high. They are exposed on either side of Split Rock Creek. Below is a view of Chimney Rock from an overlook by Balancing Rock.

Sioux Quartzite rocks Sioux Quartzite rocks
sign: Balancing Rock trail
Balancing Rock Balancing Rock
Balancing Rock stairs down to the Split Rock Creek

After passing Balancing Rock and going down a few stairs, the two RV Gypsies strolled alongside the Split Rock Creek. They were not too impressed with a picnic table directly underneath steep cliffs and falling rocks.

Split Rock Creek trail picnic table under steep cliff
Split Rock Creek

The two RV Gypsies explored the King and Queen Trail at Palisades State Park just as they did in 2012.

King and Queen trail sign

On the other side of Split Rock Creek, the two RV Gypsies took a short walk down the King and Queen Trail and reached the King and Queen formations, but could not really figure out which was the Queen and which was the King.

Karen Duquette at the King and Queen formations Karen Duquette at the King and Queen formations
Karen Duquette at the King and Queen formations Karen Duquette at the King and Queen formations
Karen Duquette at the King and Queen formations
Split Rock Creek Lee Duquette on the Split Rock Creek trail

Lee Duquette walked further up the trail while Karen Duquette sat and waited for his return.

Karen Duquette relaxing Karen Duquette relaxing
formations at Palisades State Park formations at Palisades State Park

Below:The lunch view of the two RV Gypsies in Palisades Park.

lunch view of the two RV Gypsies in Palasades State  Park lunch view of the two RV Gypsies in Palasades State  Park

This was the second time that the two RV Gypsies have been to Palisades State Park. The first time was in 2012. If you have not seen the 2012 photos, you may go there now, OR continue on down this page for the rest of 2016. The 2012 page will have a link back to here.

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