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The two RV Gypsies
stroll downtown Sioux Falls, SD
September 6, 2016

sign: Fawick Park a twisted golf ball sculpture

Below: Statue of David by Michelangelo in Fawick Park

sign: David by Michelangelo sttue David by Michelangelo

Part of The Riverwalk

There was a long mosaic wall that was amazing, but was too long to be photographed.

Riverwalk sign about the mosaic wall

Below: an Historic River Crossing site.

Historic River Crossing site marker Historic River Crossing site bridge
Historic River Crossing bridge

After entering the Big Sioux River Greenway, the two RV Gypsies wanted to eat at Falls Landing Restaurant but at that hour it was only open for cocktails, so they kept walking, even though it was threatening to rain.

Big Sioux River Greenway Falls Landing Restaurant
ducks sleeping flood crest sign

Below: Statue at The Ode Restaurant

Statue at The Ode Restaurant label Statue at The Ode Restaurant

Ode to Food & Drinks, 300 N. Cherapa Place, Sioux Falls, SD

Ode To Food & Drinks is a locally owned restaurant & catering service located on the scenic East River Greenway in the Cherapa Building.   Chef Bob is known for his deliciously simple gourmet food.  His style is California- fusion.  He likes to call it "gourmet in blue jeans".  The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner & drinks daily. Catering options include on-site catering on the 3rd floor of the beautiful Cherapa Building or at your business or party location.  They also offer corporate catered breakfasts & lunches for meetings. The two RV Gypsies ate on the patio, and had the patio all to themselves because it was lightly sprinkling on-and-off and threatening to rain harder. The food was very good.

Lee Duquette waiting for dinner Lee Duquette leaving Ode Restaurant

Note: The two RV Gypsies were in downtown Sioux Falls in 2012, and there was a Sculpture Walk Event at the time, so they walked all around the town photographing sculptures. Those photos can be seen by using the TOC button at the top of this page and choosing S for Sculpture Walk.

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