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The two RV Gypsies travelled from
from North Dakota to South Dakota
August 29, 2016

Karen often snaps pictures through the window of the moving RV. The distance from where this picture was taken to the top of the hill in the far background was 6 miles. That's a long distance to see all at once, and no traffic either.

view 6-miles on the road

Below: Weird machinery on the road and cute / interesting city signs

Weird machinery on the road

Amidon city limit sign

welcome to Bowman sign

Bowman sign and a big arrow

Passing from North Dakota to South Dakota on a small road, the two RV Gypsies did not see any SD welcome sign at the state line

airplane on a tall log

Welcome to Buffalo sign

Redig sign

Along Highway 168, the roads were paved of course, but extremely bumpy.

bumps in the road

end 168 begin 79 sign

Newell sign - peddlers license required

nice scenery

metal motorcycle statue

metal motorcycle statue

Driving through Sturgis, South Dakota, the two RV Gypsies drove past the Giant Muffler Man Cowboy statue who had a beer and cigar in his hands. He was in front of the Full Throttle saloon.

welcome to Sturgis Dragway sign

the Giant Muffler Man Cowboy

the Giant Muffler Man Cowboy

he Giant Muffler Man Cowboy

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