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The two RV Gypsies
drove through the city of Glendive, Montana
August 26, 2016

Montana map showing location of Glendive

hstory clipart bookGlendive is a city in and the county seat of Dawson County, Montana, United States. Glendive was established by the Northern Pacific Railway when they built the transcontinental railroad across the northern tier of the western United States from Minnesota to the Pacific Coast. The town was the headquarters for the Yellowstone Division that encompassed 875 route miles; 546 miles in main line and 328 miles in branches with the main routes from Mandan, North Dakota, to Billings, Montana, and from Billings to Livingston, Montana.

The town of Glendive is an agricultural and ranching hub of eastern Montana. The town is tucked between the Yellowstone River and the Badlands, named for the rugged terrain and jagged rock formations that are known to exist in the area. Makoshika State Park is located just east of Glendive.

In January 2015 Glendive was the site of a major oil spill from a pipeline which also contaminated drinking water.

Motto: Good People Surrounded by Badlands.

Above quote From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (as are many other history quotes on this website).
Welcome to Glendive flag

Espresso Coffee shop in need of a paint job

Cowboy Museum

Espresso Coffee shop teepee

outside of the Cowboy Museum

Below: Monument and statue at Firefighters Memorial Park in the center of town

Firefighters Monument and statue

Below: Painting on a wall at Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Truck Maintenance

Painting on a wall

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