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The two RV Gypsies
traveled into the USA state of Montana
August 22, 2016
Welcome to America

The two RV Gypsies left Alberta, Canada and entered the USA at the Port of Entry in Sweet Grass, Montana

duty free shop at port of entry

sign: he Port of Entry in Sweet Grass, Montana

Below: After a quick security check, the entrance road was a bit of an obstacle course for a big RV. There was a lot of traffic leaving the USA and entering Alberta, but the two RV Gypsies were the only ones in line to enter Montana.

obstacle course

incoming traffic

It was a very windy day as seen in the photo below with the wind socks by the road.

Montana welcome sign

wind socks show how windy it was

The map below shows route 2 at the top of the map. That is the route the two RV Gypsies took. Karen Duquette randomly took photos along the way especially the signs welcoming visitors to various cities.

North Dakota major street map

higg water alongside the road

Welcome to Shelby sign

Welcome to Chester MT sign

welcome to Hingman MT sign

Not much traffic during the entire route. From the RV, the two RV Gypsies could often see up to six miles ahead with no traffic.

no traffic

Giddford sign

great roads - no traffic

great roads - no traffic

Kremlin USA sign

Buffalo jump teepee ad

The two RV Gypsies have visited Havre several times in the past so they decided to keep going this time, and a bit later they saw a fake bison along the roadway.

welcome to Havre MT sign

a fake buffalo

sign: entering Chinook MT

sign: Welcome to Harlem T

sign: Fort Belknap Indian Reservation

Fort Belknap sign

sign about violence

sign: Leaving Fort Belknap Indian Reservation

Phillips County Conservation District

sign: welcome to Dodson MT

sign: entering Malta

welcome to Malta sign

bridge and trail in Malta

welcome to Malta sign on bridge

The two RV Gypsies boondocked behind the casino in Malta for the night then continued on their drive through Montana.

casino in Malta

welcome to Saco sign

Hindale sign

welcome to Glasgow sign

airplane on a post

a really big tractor

airplane hitting a bar

Fort Peck Indian Reservation sign

entering Wolf Point sign

a cardboard cowboy

welcome to Wolf Point sign

cardboard cowboy

Statue in the middle of the road

Back on the roads again with no traffic.


road with no traffic

Even though the building below was in bad shape, the two RV Gypsies wondered what the image on the side of the building meant. The two RV Gypsies have driven past many buildings, barns and sheds that are in much worse shape than this one and wonder why they aren't torn down.

star 89 barn

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