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The two RV Gypsies and family
went white-water rafting
Denali Canyon Office
Mile 238.9 Parks Highway
Denali National Park, Alaska

(page 1 - getting suited up and instructions) - this page
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The Denali Outdoor Center's Alaskan Nenana white-water rafting tour traversed the eastern boundary of Denali National Park for about 22 miles (a half day trip). The white water on the Nenana River in Alaska ranged from class II "mild water" float trips to class III/IV "Whitewater action". The guide, Adam, did all of the paddling.

Everyone had to remove their shoes and put on the heavy duty socks which cost $5 a pair. The boots were really hard to get on. Then came the suits and life-jackets.

getting suited up Karen Duquette and her sister

The first pair of boots they gave to Karen really hurt her feet and she was in pain and not too happy. She could hardly walk, Finally after complaining a lot, they changed her boots later while on the bus.

Karen Duquette

On the bus and ready to go to the river

Renee and Ilse on the bus Ilse Blahak on the bus
the two RV Gypsies on the bus the two RV Gypsies on the bus
mirrored photogrpah

Some things just need adjusting

Renee adjusting John

Renee adjusting John

Renee and John Renee and John

The family of the two RV Gypsies happy and ready to go - then they made "Moose ears"

The family of the two RV Gypsies

moose ears

Below: Listening to a bunch of scary instructions

Listening to a bunch of scary instructions

Listening to a bunch of scary instructions

sign: McKinley Village Public River Access

heading towards the raft

clipartLee Duquette and Ilse Blahak - "the two bad guys" got searched.

Lee Duquette getting searched

Ilse Blahak getting searched

unloading the rafts workers preparing the rafts

boarding the rafts

boarding the rafts

look below

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