The Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers
drove their toad from Dawson Creek to Chetwynd
to watch the 2016 chainsaw carving contest
June 12, 2016

Chetwynd is located at highways 29 and 97 where the eastern foothills of the Rockies open up to the expansive, rugged geography of Peace River country. Chetwynd is a transportation hub for the region with abundant natural resources, a stunning mountain backdrop and the gentle rolling topography which inspired early European settlers to call it "Little Prairie." Assets: forestry, oil and gas exploration, mining, ranching and tourism. It claims to be the chainsaw carving sculpture capital of the world and the forestry capital of Canada in 1992.

Welcome to Chetwynd sign and carvings Welcome to Chetwynd sign and carvings

Since 2005, the Annual Chetwynd International Chainsaw Carving Championship has visually shaped Chetwynd into a one-of-a-kind locale. Artists from all over the world compete in this unique competition.

The District of Chetwynd keeps each intricately carved piece from the championship, and places them along pathways, in parks, and around gardens throughout town.

poster for the 2016 Chetwynd Chainsaw  Carving contest

Due to the amount of people next to the fence surrounding the carvings, it was not possible for Karen Duquette to get the names of the carvings, nor information on the talented carvers.

1st place winner

2nd place winner

2 birds
monster and skulls

3rd place winner

People's choice winner

lion carving
moose carving

Carver's choice award

Overall view of the contest area

snake lady
overall view of the many contestants work
divider bar

Below: The favorite carving of the two RV Gypsies as it was getting the finishing touches. They both thought this one should have taken first place.

wild man carving wild man carving
wild man carving backside of wild man

Below: Look at the little dude in the big dude's hand.

little dude and big dude
divider bar

Sometimes Karen Duquette posts two different views of the same carving in order to show more of the details.

The Reef the Reef
carving man and totem carving
alien pointing alien pointing
alien pointing black carving

Below: "The Fight For Your Life" - a crowd favorite

firmen dedication fireman carving
fireman carving
look below

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