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The two RV Gypsies
at The Alaska Highway House
10211 10th Street
Dawson Creek, British Columbia
'250.782.4714 or '866.645.3022
June 11, 2016

The Alaska Highway House

The Alaska Highway House is one of the newer attractions in Dawson Creek and is situated near the Mile 0 Post in downtown Dawson Creek. It’s a museum commemorating the building of the Alaska Highway, and a tribute to the 30,000 Americans and Canadians that took part in its construction. The two RV Gypsies went inside and learned how this 2,288 km road was built in just 9 months, and how it impacted the communities along its route.

Inside the Highway House, the two RV gypsies found stories and memorabilia, including many old photos. They also checked out a model replica of the Kiskatinaw Bridge, the longest curved wooden bridge in North America, then they got in their car and drove to the bridge.

sign about Dawson Creek

Below: As Karen Duquette climbed into the jeep, the driver looked at her and said, "Just who are you and why are you in my jeep?" (Note: the window of the jeep was so dirty that the driver could barely be seen in the second photo shown below). Karen merely said, "no worries, just drive this thing."

the Jeep driver Karen Duquette in the jeep

Signs and information about building the Alaska Highway

sign about equipment use to build the Alaska Highway
signs about emotions of workers
sign about the Alaska Highway
photos of building the Alaska Highway sign about the Alaska Highway
sign about the Alaska Highway map of the Alaska Highway
map of the Alaska Highway Mile 0 marker
sign about Life in the Yukon

Below: Sign about The Kiskatinaw Bridge. After leaving the Alaska Highway House, the two RV Gypsies drove to the Kiskatinaw Bridge and walked under the bridge by the water. Those photos can be reached through the link at the bottom of this page.

Sign about The Kiskatinaw Bridge
Sign about The Kiskatinaw Bridge
photos in the musuem directional sign and mileage

Note: The above signs and information is just a small taste of what the Alaska Highway House has to offer.

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