The Two RV Gypsies: Full-Time RVers
at Red Rock Parkway leading to Red Rock Canyon
in Waterton Lakes National Park
Alberta, Canada
June 3, 2016
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Before going back into Waterton Lakes National Park for the second day, the two RV Gypsies stopped at a store in the town of Pincher and Karen Duquette photographed a big blue Pincher across the street from the store.

big blue pincher

The two RV Gypsies decided to eat at Zum's Eatery, mostly because Lee Duquette saw the sign in the window for "World Famous Fried Chicken".

Zum's Eatery
Zum's Eatery

The fried chicken was very good, but the chicken breasts were very small. The two RV Gypsies met a nice couple sitting at a nearby table and the four of them enjoyed conversation with each other while eating. They provided the two RV Gypsies with their home address in Canada and said that if the two RV Gypsies get their way, they would love to see them. Unfortunately, Karen Duquette lost their address and so she hopes that if they see this web page, they will contact her.

Zum's Eatery

Red Rock Parkway / Red Rock Canyon meanders 9 miles over rolling prairie through the Blakiston Valley. It best illustrates "Where the Mountains Meet the Prairie". The parkway provides access to Crandell Campground with 129 sites and five Blackfoot-style teepees for rent, but the two RV Gypsies did not park their RV there, so they can't comment on the campground. The Red Rock Parkway follows the ancient Buffalo Trail used by First Nations hunting parties. Roadside exhibits tell more about the First Nations hunting parties.

Red Rock Canyon sign

Dramatic Mt. Blakiston, the park's highest mountain (9,344 feet tall) is complimented by strikingly colored red and green rocks. Waterton Park no longer has any glaciers, only the sediments they left behind. Running water, aided by its cargo of mud and stones, is now the sculptor of the mountains.

Mt. Blakiston Mt. Blakiston
Mt. Blakiston Mt. Blakiston

Other mountains on Red Rock Parkway are Ruby Ridge (7,946 feet tall) , Crandall (7,730 feet tall), Dungarvan (8,337 feet tall), Galwey (7,523 feet tall), and Bellevue (6,867 feet tall).

mountain on Red Rock Parkway mountain on Red Rock Parkway
mountain on Red Rock Parkway snow in the mountains
mountains on Red Rock Parkway mountains on Red Rock Parkway
scenery on Red Rock Parkway waterfall coming down the mountain
panorama taken while on Red Rock Parkway

These mountains moved over 65 miles to get here, and through erosion they continue their journey down the valley.

sign about the moving mountains

Below: More views of Mt. Blakiston, the park's highest mountain (9,645 feet tall).

Mt. Blakiston Mt. Blakiston
Mt. Blakiston Mt. Blakiston
Mt. Blakiston Red Rock Canyon
welcome to Red Rock Canyon sign
look below

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