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The Country Western Artists
October 23-30, 2015

31 Artists = 7 nights - 4 ports - . A nightly show in the Stardust Lounge
. Nightly performances around the ship in 2 other locations.
Autograph sessions and Opportunities to get up close and personal with musical guests.
. Line Dancing
. Halloween Costume Party & Barbecues

. Artist Photo opportunities: Neal McCoy -Trace Adkins -
Joe Nichols - Parmalee - Craig Morgan - Black Jack Billy

Other performers: Lindsay Ell, Charlie Worsham, Maggie Rose, Aberdeen Green, Brinley Addington, Chase Allan, Maggie Baugh, Benton Blount, Chris Cavanaugh, Lenny Cooper, County Line Road, Corey Cox, Dance Y’all, The Darlins, Johnathan East, HER & Kings County, Clark Hill, Olivia Lane, Mantz Brothers, Grayson Rogers Band, Ray Scott, Wesley Spangler, Viper Creek Band, Whisky Row, Jon Wolfe.

Neil McCoy was the host on this cruise. Karen and Monica thought he was the best entertainer because he was so full of energy, came into the crowd each time, and even ran up into the upstairs balcony. Neil has a strong throwing arm and he was able to throw T-shirts from the stage up into the balcony, which is not something everyone could do. Although Karen had her photo taken with many of the artists, she only bought the one with Neil because the photos cost $20 each.

Neil McCoy and Karen Duquette
Neil McCoy in concert 2015 Neil McCoy in concert 2015
Neil McCoy in concert 2015 Neil McCoy in concert 2015

During Neil's last concert on the cruise, he took off his boots and socks and threw them into the audience. (see photos below). He also opened and sipped from several water bottles and threw the open bottles of water into the audience, and the water gently flew out of the water bottles and splashed the delighted fans.

Neil McCoy removing boots and socks on stage Neil McCoy in concert 2015

When a fan took a picture of Neil McCoy, Neil took the fan's camera and took her picture. (see photo below). Then he took the camera from the ship's professional cameraman and took photos of the audience.

Neil McCoy taking photos of the audience Neil McCoy in concert 2015
Neil McCoy in concert 2015 Neil McCoy in concert 2015

Karen Duquette definitely wants to go to more Neil McCoy concerts.

Neil McCoy in concert 2015 Neil McCoy walking through the audience
look below

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