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The two RV Gypsies visited Radium Springs Garden
2501 Radium Springs Road

Albany, Georgia
October 8, 2015

USA map showing location of Georgia Georgia map showing location of Dougherty County where Albany is located

As per advertisement for this place: "Radium Springs Garden is one of Georgia’s Seven Natural Wonders. Radium Springs Garden pumps 70,000 gallons of clear, 68-degree water per minute from an underground cave. You can walk through a courtyard where the former Radium Springs Casino once stood, enjoy foliage-draped hillocks, crystal clear waters and flora both indigenous and exotic. Also, the park features a restored terrace, new sidewalks, a casino garden and gazebos."

However, the two RV Gypsies did not find the water to be very clear, not the place to be all that interesting. There was only one flower blooming in the garden area. Not worth the hour it took the two RV Gypsies to drive there, even though it was free admission.

sign about Radium Springs Resort

"Located on the east side of the Flint River in Albany, the spring is now preserved as an ecological and environmental park. Although swimming is no longer allowed in the spring, it served that purpose for many years and once was one of Georgia's most popular resort areas. Radium Springs was well known to both prehistoric and later Creek Indians, who lived and hunted in the surrounding area while fishing in the crystal clear water. The men of Hernando de Soto's expedition mentioned passing a similar South Georgia spring in 1540 and other early accounts described how Indians paddled their canoes on such waters. By the time English settlers arrived in South Carolina and Georgia, the area around Albany was controlled by the Lower Creeks and early accounts mention the magnificent spring.

Explorers and later settlers marveled at the depth, constant 68 degree temperature and clarity of the water. Large fish could be seen swimming far below the surface and a large population of wild animals lived in the area around the spring."

This was not what the two RV Gypsies saw when they were there.

sign about Native Americans and the sacred spring
sign about the water of Radium Springs sign about the water of Radium Springs

"A popular swimming hole and fishing spot for generations, the spring was initially known as Blue Springs, so named because it appears deep and marvelously blue in color and are major sources of the Flint River."

But it didn't look very blue or clear to the two RV Gypsies. See the photos below.

Radium Springs Radium Springs
sign about water from rocks

Below: How it looked when the two RV Gypsies were here (on left) - and how it used to look (photo on the right, below).

Radium Springs Radium Springs of past times - cleaner

The signs were interesting though.

sign about Cold water, caves, fish and turtles
look below

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